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I have been involving with the students and lectures as well as school teachers in Sri Lanka.I am always conscious on this topic. We have our own problems. But I think we can generalize it to Asian Perspective. Many people talk about infrastructure, resources, and so on…yes they can be considering as barriers. but I think we need real champion…real leader to initiate e-Learning in countries like Sri Lanka….because there are problems always from the Environment….(PESTLE factors)….to address to these human factor is very important. We should talk about transformational leaders…!!!!<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


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You can teach English!!!  Outsource is best thing…..go to web….search …you can find good materials for beginners….Some are tailored one!!!!!! You might need few adaptations….but it is a challenge……!!!!!!!!


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I am Nalin Abeysekera. Nellie Deutsch and my self now in verge to begin the journey of e-learning in developing countries. I am Sri Lankan. Lecturer at Open University of Sri Lanka. Lecturing International Marketing and Advertising. I am working as an instructional designer for online courses in the faculty of Humanities and social science. Sue and Mark (from Canada)always helping me to develop my courses in Sri Lanka. As a lecturer and marketer I am keen on promoting e-Learning in Sri Lanka.

I think we can discuss about PBL (problem based learning) also asa part of learning.Problem based learning (PBL) is diametrically different from the conventional didactic and teacher-centred approach to teaching.  The approach is primarily student-centred (Wilkerson, 1996) and the student assumes the major responsibility to his or her learning. Rather than the tutor dispensing the syllabic content, students decide and discover for themselves what they will learn.  Problems are first given as the starting point of their inquiry and students are required to solve the problem by providing relevant knowledge and skills. The students work in groups to allow for collaborative learning in order to harness the collective synergy of teamwork.  This is central to PBL as it mirrors real world situations where employees work in project teams to collaborate within and without. PBL plays a great role in collaborative learning.  (Wilkerson, 1996).I think in online forums and discussions  we can conduct it by forcusing on it.


 Active Learning- I think we can describe acive leraning as deep learning too.According to the  Biggs(1999) "Students focus their attention on the underlying meaning or message. They attempt to relate ideas together and construct their own meaning, possibly in relation to their own experience"

But it is totally diffrent from passive leaning which  Students focus their attention on isolated details. They are often trying to memorize these individual details in the same form in which they first appeared.  (Biggs, 1999)