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WOW!! Thanks Sylvia. Thanks for you the prize. This is inspiring me to put more constructive comments as possible. Sorry for the late reply since I was offline.

And I like to tell that in Sri Lanka in my online courses I always using scope as a success story in the era of online learning.

I learned more from the forums in scope and I incorporated that in my teaching and learning as well.

Thanks again for the prize.


Simply because we are still a developing country. We have to think of OER to Share the knowledge. Knowledge is one of the core competency which we can compete with other countries (in terms of exports..etc). As a Sri Lankan I believe this is one of the opportunity which has been created by the cyber world to us to win the world….But unfortunately we have some abnormal rates(our literacy rate is 90%,but computer literacy rate is only 18$%).


Hello Scott and All,

I am Nalin Abeysekera,Sri Lankan,Lecturer for marketing and online learning.Here in Sri lanka the key stake holders who are involving in teaching and learning not aware on OER.Sometimes because of that we are wasting our time(efficiency and effectiveness).So low awarness level is one of the key issue which we have to identify in this context.But i know from this discussion i can share my knowledge.Thanks....  


hello meiers,

nice to hear that  you are a psychologist, dance/movement therapist and art therapist.Because i think it will shape the professsionalism.we look forward to your comments in the future.


Hello Nellie,

Yes this is the best place to discuss about publications,journals which is always helpful to share the knowledge.