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Hello Niel,

Thanks for the participation.Nice to hearing from you.It is indded a great need to have a National Policy for IT.But i think we can bring this discussion at national level.Beacuse we had a very informative input from our frends @ Scope.Even i feel we can prepare a policy paper by using this comments(information)!!! Thanks to scope!!!


Hello! I am Nalin Abeysekera , from Sri Lanka. Lecturer in Management at Open University of Sri Lanka , Online teacher for Marketing. I had participated in online interviews. It was really interesting!!Which I feel you have to understand your customer(respondent) needs and wants first. I like to learn and share my knowledge with others!! 




My reflection on scope!!! Actually I learned  lot from scope. I came to know about lot of scholars ,the practices, some theories in online learning and education(Because I am from management discipline) etc… I like to share my knowledge. But the rate was 80:20.I got 80!!! But I gave only 20!!!So feel i have to contribute more but with some practical problems in this part of the world(I think we discuss some of these in one forum “e-learning in developing countries with Nellie Deutsch).it was interesting and I think we can expand the horizons!!!  We can discuss how people think about e- learning in different perspectives (Like in Sri Lanka,India or some regions),we can discuss  how collaborative learning effective in Brazil etc..All might be good input for the research. We can expect some better findings for the development of our own disciplines as well.( X practice in UK is better than ours etc).Known to unknown!!!! And Sylvia, congratulations and thanks for your effort!!Well-done!!!



Hello Hunt,

Yes 100% agreed on the  word of customer and is more than customer…It is our duty as teachers to understand, motivate and inspire them for learning. You are extremely correct.

The present educational system of Sri Lanka derives from the British educational system, which was introduced by the British colonial masters in the 19th century. The British colonial government established colleges for boys and girls separately. These colleges consisted of Primary Schools, Lower Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools. And because of this system students who are in the higher secondary schools (Collegiate Level ) getting only specialized in one stream.(science, maths ,arts or commerce).But only 15% of the students can get the chance to do to the University.That is the main problem I can see. Students are not getting any knowledge in their advanced level period other than their specializing subjects. If he /She is a science student then he/she is not getting more rounded education like broad coverage of the humanities, foreign languages, arts. Once you get 2A’ and one B’ in science you can’t go the medical college in Sri Lanka. Because universities they don’t have enough space.Can we asked that students to do the exam again?? Unfortunately they are doing that for the second time. This is the pathetic situation. And more importantly there is a perception of the country that once you do science you should go the medical college. but I personally like to see the change. If he/she did science there should be a change in thinking pattern. once you pass with 3c’s system should provide or absorb them. And more interestingly our literacy level is 92%!!!

But i think we can discuss these in the future!!!!1



Hello Gary,

It is interesting to discuss about this topic. Because in the sense of marketing we(teachers) should understand the needs and wants(expectations) of customers(students).And it is a national requirement too.As you mentioned we can discuss about the present and future scenarios with real life examples. And I have a doubt whether this is only about e-learning or the both face to face and online.

In sri lanka we are using the UK system (because we have been ruled by UK in past) in education but I think there are some areas which has been not touched by the administrators.(we need certain adaptations!!!)..

I will try to involve as I can for this fruitful discussion cause I think this one of the key area in this century.