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Let's dive in!

As we begin our week of exploring compelling discussion prompts, we invite you to reply to this question:

What are some things you could say in a discussion prompt that would guarantee a lackluster response from your students?

Get creative! Get kooky! We look forward to your ideas.


Should the activity even be a discussion? It's such an important question, isn't it? Sometimes we're quick to assume that discussion is necessary. It could be that an independent low-stakes writing activity would allow for deeper thinking and reflection. Or perhaps that activity or something similar is a way to prepare learners to bring their ideas forward -- allowing for a different starting point for the discussion. 


I think I found the issue, Jeff, and it was more to do with the timing around some changes in the course settings than with your computer/browser. Let me know if the issue crops up again!


Interesting that Alice's read of this discussion prompt is not what we intended. I think that means we need a re-write! What changes can we make so it's clear the goal is to generate a list of how to achieve the worst possible results?

Meta note: This discussion is a variation of TRIZ- liberating structure 


Just so you know, I'm looking into this JUMBO emoticon issue here in Moodle! (I'm tempted to insert a *surprise* emoticon here. *smile*)