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Great responses to Leonne's question so far: What is the teacher's role in facilitating discussions? This is giving me ideas for future MicroCourse topics! 

The list of roles is very long! But an important one is to spread the role to others. Another important role is to make your role clear. If you set up expectations that you're not going to fulfill then students feel ignored. (And sometimes those expectations are modelled, not articulated.)


You are incredible humans! Over the past four days you have generated an amazing variety of compelling discussion prompts and offered thoughtful, supportive peer feedback. 

Here are suggestions for the final day of our MicroCourse:

1. Have you refined your draft prompt? Let's see it! (And if you've yet to post a first draft in the Sharing & Feedback forum, please do!)

2. Keep the feedback and re-write suggestions coming.

3. Ask or answer remaining burning questions in the Open Forum.

4. Check your inbox for an “Invitation to provide feedback” and complete the course evaluation. It's best to do this while the experience is fresh!

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Thanks for all the context, Jeff! I know right away that I want to take your course! Diet and nutrition is such a fascinating topic, especially with the "influence" angle.

Your discussion prompt zones right in on important knowledge and skills. I imagine each student would bring a lot of what they know about nutrition, trends, and everything else that goes into menu selections. 

I stalled a bit when I contemplated what I would choose and why -- and what would it taste like. I appreciate the strategy to bring in personal points of view and perspectives, and also the request to draw on research. I wonder though if we would need to back up a bit. Is there a way to engage your learners in a discussion about menu designs by opening it up for discussion about all possible trends, possibilities, demographics, and other considerations? As it is now each student is asked to explain why they make their choice, but where does it go from theret? Would opening it up as a more general discussion, yet still drawing on personal experiences, result in more of an exchange?


The "creations" are accumulating in the Sharing & Feedback forum! Leonne got us started with a learning about learning prompt. Karen invites illustrations rather than text. Beth and I shared our Open Forum discussion prompt -- now that you've experienced it, what would you change?

The suggested timeframe for you to share your discussion prompts (remember, this is only a draft!) is by the end of today. That way there is plenty of time to get and give feedback.

Tip: Open a thread in any forum and you can jot notes in the margins as you're reading, and also see notes others have made public. From the pull-down menu select "annotation help" for instructions. The summary gives you a handy list of all margin notes with links back to the discussion. This is a quiet way to engage in discussions. We use it a lot in FLO courses!

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Keep it rolling!


Remember this discussion prompt? Well, we're bringing it forward to the Sharing and Feedback forum! This way we can get feedback and refine it for next time we offer this MicroCourse.