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What are your thoughts on using music for explainer videos? My first thought is it takes away from the voice, but I'm noticing background music is used a lot.


Emma, reading your draft is so helpful! I love the way you can imagine the possibilities for the visuals. I find that part comes to me while I'm fiddling with the production tools, which is not the best approach. (How often have I been sucked down the PowerPoint theme whirlpool!) I should think about what I want and make it happen, dammit! Thanks for the inspiration!


Hello! I'm thrilled to be enrolled in this course as a participant. This is a switch for me because I usually co-facilitate MicroCourses.

I've been a fan of explainer videos for years so I was thrilled when Jamie suggested this topic. Also, it occurs to me we could use one for our Facilitating Learning Online family of courses! I haven't decided if I'll create one general video or several -- one for each course. Still thinking...

My audience:

  • Potential registrants or adopters 
  • My assumption about my audience? That they may not yet know about the FLO model or appreciate the value of FLO courses.


  • Learning to facilitate online well is a commitment, and requires experiencing several roles: learner, facilitator, designer...
  • Completing FLO courses will improve the online course experience and learning for students

BIG ideas

  • Participatory and learner-centred
  • Safe, respectful learning environment
  • Feedback-rich 
  • Reflective practice
  • Relevant and meaningful

How long?

  • Aiming for no more than 2 minutes (hahahaha)


Thanks for signing up for the 'Create an explainer video' FLO MicroCourse. The course runs for five days beginning Monday, March 25th.

Your facilitator, Jamie Billingham, will be ready to guide you through the process of creating your video starting tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you're felling ambitious you can:

  • Poke around the course to see what's ahead
  • Introduce yourself and/or get your creative juices flowing in the Sharing & Feedback forum  
  • Ask any burning questions in the Open Forum 
  • We aim to keep MicroCourses trim and practical. However, we recognize that this might be your first online course, or first time using Moodle. If you're spending too much time getting oriented, send a quick email to Sylvia Currie (

And we're off!

Edited: In my late night haze I had written Open forum instead of Sharing & Feedback forum!


To steal the perfect word from Beth, our discussions this week have been "meaty"! Thanks so much for all the sharing and feedback. We generated 15 discussion prompts. That's an excellent take away!

Before you leave...

If you haven't done so already, please let us know about your MicroCourse experiences by completing the evaluation (sent out via email).

Mark your calendars for the next MicroCourse: March 25-29. We're still working on the details.
Registration is open for 2 FLO courses for you in April:
FLO Fundamentals - April 1 - May 3, facilitated by Gina Bennett and TBA
FLO Synchronous - April 1 - 19 (new dates), facilitated by Ross McKerlich and Clint Lalonde

Check the BCcampus events calendar and subscribe to the newsletter to stay in the loop.

Until next time!

Your grateful FLO facilitators,
Sylvia and Beth