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This is a bit of a delayed thank you. I'm travelling at the moment, and just visited the Universidad de Ibague in Colombia where I had an opportunity to share the Footprints of Emergence seminar in a workshop with faculty. They were very interested, so let's hope to see some Footprints in Espanol! :-)

Thank you so much Jenny, Roy, and Simone, for sharing your work and supporting us all as we fiddled with our own footprints. It's an absolutely fascinating process, and we look forward to continuing discussions in your Special Interest Group. And yes, I can copy over this forum to that space -- that way we will have the archive within easy reach and our posts will be combined with future discussions in the forum search. 

Thanks everyone! We're busy planning seminars for the new year so please be in touch if you have something to add to the schedule. 

Roy, I love surprises! Thanks for deconstructing the phrase. I giggled when I read the last one:

'learning' - run out of ideas here

I'm always drawn to visuals and enjoyed the pope photos, with all the possibilities of what they are thinking, how they are influencing what goes on in that space in so many different ways.

One thing that came to mind when looking at these photos and thinking about learning spaces (one possible interpretation of "where") is invitation. There might be an intended learner, but without the invitation engagement might not happen the same way. I might be thinking more about welcoming than inviting, but there's something to be said for connecting with open arms rather than simply being available, and expecting that people will relate to you because of who you are. 

Jenny, you're not the first one to say that! I've asked the question in a few places (twitter, my blog, etc) and noticed that the quick, immediate responses have been quite playful. I love your comment that it is not necessarily a bad thing to be confused.