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Hello Janet and all;

My name is Allan Greenberg, I am an adjunct instructor like Jeffrey Keefer at New York University in Business Communications and Digital Media. I am also an adjunct at Brooklyn College in the Computer Information Sciences. I teach both F2F and online using varied methods. Collaboration is very important to me and I do find it a little difficult getting my students to collaborate. So this session will be especially helpful.

I am also a doctoral student specializing in Online Adult Education, so again this will really help me to setup my dissertation based on Adult Learning Styles.

I hope to learn quite a bit from this group and hopefully be able to put my "2 cents" in.



Hello All;

My name is Allan Greenberg here in Brooklyn NY USA. I teach both f2f and online at New York University and Brooklyn College. I am also a PhD candidate with my concentration in Adult Online Education.  I have been interested in the use of podcasting for quite a while now, hope to learn more. I believe that Adults learn differently than most students and the use of podcasting will add to the delivery of information. I have been transferring written documents to mp3 files and listening to them rather than reading. I find that I comprehend the article with much more clarity.

Great to me in this group.