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Please post any input you have about the development of 20 more texts here. 


Please post any thoughts you have about sustainability models here. Your new ideas are more than welcome!


Please post any questions you have about the project once you've read the documents. 

Now that we've finished up the final week of the workshop, I'd like to take a minute to thank you all for participating! We had some great discussions around the value of open resources and how they might change your practice as educators. We also looked at some of the barriers to adoption, specifically the difficulty finding resources in your subject areas and the time it takes to adapt resources. Later when we talked about individual and institutional readiness it was really interesting to hear your opinions about institutional resources and culture and how they factor into your decision to use open resources. 
I was inspired by so many of you. It came as no surprise that you are dedicated to creating robust learning experiences for your students, but I am always heartened to be reminded of that commitment. 
I'd love to hear from any of you who have feedback for us about this workshop. We're going to be leaving it up and available to anyone who would like to use it so please feel free to direct anyone you know to our site. The workshop itself is licensed CC-BY, so you're welcome to take the materials and customize them as you see fit. 
Again, my thanks for your contributions to this learning community and I wish you all the best in your future open endeavours!! I would love to hear about how your adoption and adaptations efforts are going, so please stay in touch!


Hi Everyone and welcome to week three. This week we'll delve into some of the issues around individual and institutional readiness for adopting and adapting Open Textbooks. While there are certainly some huge benefits to doing that, there are also some things to think about ahead of time.

This week, once you've viewed the resources,  I encourage you to think through the scenario of your adoption of an Open Textbook and what institutional roles might be impacted by that decision. Consider your students, your faculty colleagues, your librarians, your helpdesk, your senior management team. It's also important to consider yourself. What does adopting an open textbook look like for you? Is it as simple as finding one and sending the link to your students? What institutional support would be helpful for you? 

At a broader level, what is the culture at your institution with respect to sharing and intellectual property? Would your adoption of Open Textbooks and other OER be philosophically supported?