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Dear Peter,
Thanks for sharing this Peter.
This conference does sound like an important step for keeping the information and ideas circulating. I think the survey and input from diverse subject/content teaching areas will help too. I like the idea of incentives to improve teacher efforts and some rewards for going beyond -- excellence, being very innovative, mentoring others in teaching standards, and sharing with new teachers about teaching at the post-secondary level.
Jo Ann

Hi Sylvia,
Yes -- I did not get the e-mails. Thanks for this notice -- I wondered -- and a responded to some older ones. I had time to listen to the Eluminate session and to make notes too. I am glad that Gary and others are going to do a survey and help clarify guidelines. Jo Ann

. I think Canada should offer all graduate students and post-secondary teachers free training that would server at least three teaching styles that would be applicable to various learning content and learner preferences
. I think all graduate programs could offer their students a course on how to teach as part of their curriculum

Dear Penny, Gary, Vivian and others,
I think that Penny's ideas of how to proceed are excellent. What bodies of post-secondary teachers would have an interest in carrying the intial steps forward? What bodies of institutions could set up this project as a priority, and perhaps apply for the SSHRC funding?

I see having a better understanding from the grass roots up is important. I think that Deirdre's ideas about the three styles of learning/teaching that need to be addressed is important. I think that art therapy, drama therapy, and dance/movement therapy may require even another additional teaching repetoire both offline and online.

I think a proactive and innovative approach to supporting effective learning for teachers/ teaching skills/training skills/ and specialization skills would be very interesting to many faculty. Making something fun, useful and innovative will make the endeavour perhaps less bureaucratic and domineering -- more balanced with positive intentions for learning and regulation. Jo Ann

Hi Irene,
This program sounds very exciting and certainly would appeal to me. I think that you teaching institution is on the right track and the students will benefit.

How much time do you think is spent on it monthly?

Do you have any formal evaluations from participants yet?

Thanks Jo Ann