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Dear Sandy,
I agree with you -- there needs to be more diversity of platforms -- because from my perspective -- not all platforms can meet the same needs and that "illusive perfect" platform will no doubt be improved upon or new needs will have to be met. One of the main issues is "cost effectiveness" and not just focussing on technology -- but on the serving of technology for the purpose of learning and collaborative exchanges.

I'm have been really delighted with the possibilities that already exist -- but cost for education is high and availablity and access are the two main areas of concern for more massive distribution.

Although I've explored Second Life a little and am curious where it will go. Generally our various learning needs to have many adaptable venues as not one works for everything or everybody.

Hi Everyone,
I'm also a frequent viewer and sometimes participant on Scope. I'm interested in connections -- both weak links and continuous. I like learning through the sharing on scope. Thanks Sylvia for posting the slides and the commentary from the Elluminate Session, which I enjoyed reading. I am currently a Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice, a recent graduate of AU's GDDET, and teach on/offline. I'm involved in dance/movement therapy and art therapy, health psychology and developing Educational Blogs. I'm interested in lifelong learning and dialogues. Jo Ann

Dear Nik,
Thanks for these sites and for your previous work. I have always found you a great source of information.

I don't have a Mac, but am wanting one, in addition to my PC. Someday.

I will not be able to attend the Scope eluminate as I have clients all morning.
I will check the recording later. I need advance notice of the exact time and day ahead of time -- as I book it like a client when I have that notice.

I will be making another video to take up the challenge -- when I can -- sometime this week. I know that being interesting in art therapy and dance/movement therapy requires more than a talking head, but I will see what I can come up with -- a little more creative spice. Jo Ann

Dear Deirdre,
Great to hear and see you. We have been together on Scope many times now, but I can really enjoy you more by seeing you too and a bit of the University of Saskatchewan. I've gone to the University of Alberta a view times this week and it was sunny and truly fine. Wonderful weather for a change.

Thanks for giving us this personal touch. Warmly, Jo Ann

Dear Sylvia and all,

I'm loading one of the videos, but I'm not sure it is small enough. There is a (10MB) limit.

The other one has a better picture -- but the sound did not work. However I think this one is okay for a first. I will do another next week.

It is all learning. wide eyes
Jo Ann