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Dear Emma,
When I openned it -- nothing was in the mindmap. I'm sure there is suppose to be what you said you put there. Perhaps it got erased accidently or not saved, I don't know, but I can't see anything.
Jo Ann

Dear Nick,
Thanks for giving the sense of "breath" to the discussion. I find myself swirling about what constitutes "helpful" or "successful" in terms of collaboration.
I sense that there have to be "difficult or challenging" times when people collaborate. I'm certainly not thinking that every effort needs "conscious" collaboration -- mandated by a course's parameters.

I found myself collaborating a lot in the past ten years -- and wondering at times why I was okay with often seemingly giving a lot without a "fair or immediately equal exchange". I realize that I always get more good karma, and that I am so rich in so many ways -- and that I think I'm very bless by the collaborative efforts that I and others have made. I even feel like some of my rewards include friendships that I might have never formed outside of these exchanges, and yet these friends offered much more than I could have imagined.

Perhaps I'm left wondering how one knows "failed collaboration" or whether the individual efforts would not "come forth" anyways -- even if later -- after the collaboration experience.

Thanks for sharing your ideas and experience. Jo Ann

Hi Sylvia,
I'm looking forward to learning this collaborative tool.
Can you send me an invitation, please, if you have one left?
Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers

Dear Janet,

The book is a collection of chapters written by various art therapists and edited by Helene Burt, RCAT, Director of the Toronto Art Therpist Institute. the book is "Postmodern art therapy". My chapter is Phenomenological Research and Combined Art Therapy and Dance/Movement Therapy with Children, Adolescents and Adults". There is only one area where I discuss the use of online phenomenological research and interviews -- and that 's were I will make note of your book.

The book reviewer wants me to cut back not add, but will add your book and your information, as I think it will be so important to get it out for other creative arts therapists. If it was my own book I would put a lot more in it, but at least it will be out -- the editor (told be the publishing company) in 2010 and it is suppose to be published by University Wilfred Lauier Press. There are seven art therapy institutions approved in Canada by the Canadian Art Therapy Association (2009).

I'm working slowly on an article for Arts Therapies and Technology -- a topic on which I have been presenting at small venues by Power Point and also advising in to some extent. I have to do my writing in between my clinical work and that is quite difficult at times, but I'm learning a lot about online interviews from your book and I know that students will find it valuable. Research takes a lot of time and everyone wants to have it succeed and to be worth the time and effort.

Thanks for the other reference too. Jo Ann

Dear Janet and all others,
At the moment, I just want to learn how to guide students -- because I do supervision, but I also would like to conduct art therapy and dance/movement therapy research, as well as online distance education research areas that are specific to the use of videos, teaching therapy, interviewing people about teaching online, and what makes a successful webinar in the minds of participants.

I am putting Janet's book, Onine Interviews into a chapter -- (just in time to add it as it is being published this years and I thought of how I could reference it -- in the area where I'm talking about the advantages of online interviews and in terms of the section she wrote on visual communication. Thanks Janet!

Cheers, Jo Ann