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Hi Nik Peachey,
I like your instructions and your sites. they are good examples for me and encourage me to learn and teach as you model. Thanks for sharing these. Jo Ann

Hi Deirdere and Heather and all,
Interesting topic to me -- for sure. I feel so lucky when I find someone who shares know how or ideas with me when I can apply them and then, pass them on to others. I like your examples Heather. One of my friends Louanne, has already benefited from Deirdere passing something to her via yours truly.Thanks Deirdere.

One the things I find is that I have to learn how to categorize and then discern constantly -- whether to pursue a lead -- or not. Some leads seem to go no where -- but one never knows. I also know that I'm getting more aware of choosing more time for online learning -- not just for working online; partly because I have so much more to learn. With all of the new technologies, how do we best use them -- that is the ongoing question I'm researching now.
Jo Ann

Dear Nancy,
I am inspired by you post. I'm imagining that others are too. I remember reading that some people just focus on those that really went to learn. I think your post includes those that may have been turned off learning for various reasons. However I find that most people just need to see that it works for them.

I also like the idea of getting a tutor for Web 2.0. Now that's determination and focus.

Jo Ann

Hi Heather and Everyone,
Thanks for the welcome and I have been reading all the great intros -thanks.

Here is what I do for PD.
1) I'm continuing in my third area of a post-grad program -- this time in Distance Education and Technology.
2) I go to online and f-to-f conferences (less now than I used to do because of cost).
3) I'm on a list serve which feeds me all kinds of professional information about dance/movement therapy.
4) I read online and books/journals.
5) I write, although i don't actually publish much. I am working on a chapter -- which tends to take me forever to complete.

I mainly like online social contacts and learning -- but I do get overwhelmed sometimes and I have to schedule my time.

Jo Ann

Hi Heather and Everyone,

I don't have much of a sense of what is expected in this Scope seminar, or how long it lasts, perhpas someone could clue me in on these aspects. I recognize some people from the SCOPE conference recently.

I am a graduate student with Athabasca Univerity -- in the GDDET.
I'm also a Registered Psychologist, a Registered Canadian Art Therapist, and an Academy of Registered Dance Therapist with the American Dance Therapy Association. I'm a mom of a teenager too. My husband and I have a Psychological Treatment firm in Edmonton, Alberta. I am a teacher on contract with U of Lethbridge, St. Stephen's College in Edmonton, and Westley Institute (Calgary branch of Australian-based school).

I am learning when and where I can -- mostly online these days. I'm curious about that these Scope sessions will open up in the way of new information. I'm not at all sure I have much to offer to this topic, but I'll see.
Jo Ann