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Dear Dave,
Thanks for sharing your inspiring eportfolio ideas and examples.

I am presently not teaching, but teach on contract and am doing a course re-write instead at the present time -- and I am a full time clinical psychologist in private practice.

In one of my GDDET courses with AU a couple of years ago, the students had to prepare an e-portfolio. The professors commented that they were all good -- and all very different. We had been directed to a site that gave some information on how to construct an e-portfolio, but really I think if I had had Dave's example -- I would have been clearer about what I might have focused upon. I really enjoyed doing it but as I am established in a career -- my interest is more about how to make an "excellent example" for students that I am likely to influence in the future -- including my son who starts university in the fall.

I like the idea of breaking up the e-portfolio into topic areas -- that can be easily labelled and accessed.

I'm looking forward to the Elluminate session today -- although I may be a few minutes late getting logged on as I have a client til 2:00 MST. Hope to hear more ideas to help me develop an effective example for future teaching.

Jo Ann

I hope to use the

Hi John and Asif and others,
I think the issue is about skills to give people the prerequisites, shape behaviours that are open and welcoming to diverse cultures, and that instructors learn from videos like the 4 shared here.

I think that many videos are needed to address the wide variety of contexts that the students (all of them) face in order to interconnect through more effective and mutually satisfying the exchanges.

About all instructors becoming ESL teachers -- well -- in a way -- yes -- there could be growth and potential as people learn the skills mentioned in these videos and future other videos.

I am grateful for the inspiration and the organization of these videos. They are thoughtful and problem/solution oriented. I also find the comments from the Scope participants thought stimulating -- as I attempt to look at how these ideas impact my lived-world in the midst of much cultural diversity. I know that even within my own Canadian culture, I have experienced what it is like to be think I'm a fish out of water, walking on new ground. Sometimes I've been lucky to find people who's approaches can shape and shift with the situation and people. I think it does us all good to travel or to experience getting out of our cultural familiarity. Though I think people need to learn how to seek out ways to be more secure and successful, I think mentors and peer supports, or counsellors also make that challenging passage an easier journey.
Jo Ann


Dear Emma and others
Here is a collaborative tool that some of you might be interested in checking out.
Thanks for the interesting webinar on SCoPE and all the ideas. Jo Ann

Open Wonderland to build your virtual world! Create dynamic learning environments, collaborative business applications, or interactive, multi-user simulations. Start with a blank slate, or modify an existing world. While some types of worlds can be created by end-users or 3D artists, this toolkit is designed primarily for developers familiar with the Java programming language. As a developer, you can extend any part of the system and add functionality by creating modules, the Wonderland version of plugins.

Dear E.A.,

Thanks for sharing Web2access and Freemind and for showing you scope Collaboration mindmeister. This information really helps me see what is our there and learn how you organize this kind of information.
Jo Ann

Dear Bonnie,

Thank you for this site -- I enjoyed it along with people from a range of countries. Seeing the children in the school projects, getting some urls, and hearing the enthusiasm was inspirational. There were many student driven projects that were quite innovative. Jo Ann