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Hi Nellie,
Thanks for asking. Initially I hope to choose to put together various introductory to high interest topics about the wide range of dance/movement therapy approaches. Then I hope to develop scripts and pictures with experiential discussion for people to read and look at -- and in some cases to move and to sense through their own movements within their body. I know that this work will take a long time to develop. Eventually I hope to create various videos -- some role play and some with consented work. Cheers Jo Ann
Hi Nalin and others,
Professional development e-avenues in my areas of interest -- dance/movement therapy, art therapy and health psychology are beginning to grow. I am interested in everything that people have contributed in their posts so far.
I will be taking my last course with the Graduate Diploma in Distance Education and Technology this fall. However -- I've been a psychologist, dance/movement therapist and art therapist for some time. I now teach in those areas and hope to develop my a course in dance/movement therapy for online access, but it will take me some time. I have developed an initial one in art therapy -- but must revise and modify it for a different access system. This is my fourth Scope conference. I'm likely lurking for the first 9 days due to a project I'm finishing, but hope to contribute when I can.

Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers
Hi Curt,
Thanks for the link and update. I do have to "cave" myself to get to the writing, but I have to be involved in a lot of areas of my interest to stay inspired. I'm writing today -- then 4:00 to 8:00 I'm seeing clients. Tomorrow I'm off to see my family and friends in Ontario -- but I will always have links to my teaching and yet be able to intersperse some events and important people into my life flow. It can be stressful, but it feels enlivening too. I will read the rest of the book on the plane rides (four of them in the next 2 weeks). Perhaps I will write a chapter next time on e-learning for health psychology, art therapy or dance/movement therapy -- someday. For now, the next thing I need to do is to look into wikieducator with Randy Fisher. I'm running behind some of my possibilities, as more are opening.

Best to you on your next chapters and book. I look forward to reading them.

Jo Ann

Hi Curt,
I'm really impressed. I've been writing a chapter -- during school, work, teaching, and raising a teen -- and that's not close to a book. But I get it.
Great job on getting it out there.

That said-- I think that one of the advantages of writing smaller things online -- would be to get it out faster, but then many things would not be "bought" or one might decide to give them away. I understand people really don't make money on books these days (if ever they did).

I like the idea that you tested the ideas yourself. Jo Ann
Hi Nancy,
Thanks for sharing your urls and ideas. I'm doing a Marratech session with my Health Psychology course tonight -- and it is quite exciting. I hope to introduce more bloggoing in the future. I introduced Skype and Marratech this semester -- both new to all the students -- which actually surprised me.

I find that my biggest block about introducing blogs in the health psychology course is that the students are so busy. I'm really thinking I will have to drop an assignment if I add the blogging. Jo Ann