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Hi Nellie and all,
I just want to thank everyone for contributing so many great links and ideas to this Scope forum. I think your idea of organizing the ning and online conference is great, Nellie. I'm very involved with my present course, writing a chapter, and work and family and community commitments. I will contribute when I can, thanks. I agree that actions are important -- especially social actions.

It is encouraging at there are online actions that people are taking for the greater good (Nellie). I'm challenged to use my time and self -- well, and finding groups that align with my intentions will likely be helpful -- but I am cautious to not spread my efforts over too broad a surface and not finish what I have already started. I am grateful to all the inspiring posts as well as the support I'm aware of from friends.

I think there are many exciting happenings occurring online and off for PD -- and I hope that more people will have access to them. There are super communications online for learning networks. At this time in my life, I really appreciate the PD online.

I have had a brief chance to look at some of the links that have been shared -- and will revisit them soon. I'm also focusing on the writing project I mentioned at the beginning of this conference - and fortunately -- a deadline is there to help me focus. Cheers Jo Ann

Hi Nellie,
I'm glad you touched base with the value of poetry.
I want to speak to your reflections on the pace of change for technology and for people. I believe that people can change faster than technology and they can change more slowly -- but what I find is that if lots of people (perhaps not all) are given half a chance they will want to connect to change when they see it is for the greater good and through their heart. When people use technology for the greater good then I think they will find a way to embrace what it has to offer. I hope so. These moments sometimes can spontaneously happen -- like particle theory -- or they can happen in waves like in wave theory. When we look at the individual teacher's effect on many -- that is the particle effect. When we look at our combined efforts and the individual -- wow. Jo Ann
Hi Paul and all,
This has been a good Scope PD sharing.

Scope feels to me like something I want to phenomenologically embody because it connects in a mirroring fashion to important people at the other end. When ideas are shared and embodied, reflected upon -- and experimented with at this end -- my lived-world expands. When this starts to happen, I resonate with various appendages of the work through people gifts -- their senses -- eyes, ears and their embodied knowledge in a new and interesting way.

Who are these people?
Thoughtful texters
-- here is a PDScope Poem

Willing to login, take a chance in the mix,
Read, feel the thought, now what to write,
Welcome even lurkers who respond here and there.
"Scope Professional Development I now declare.
Electrified by flow -- human flow appendage by appendage.
Great online resource with wiki attached, go-writers-go
Nurturing healthy online veins and arteries to the heart
Of Polls and Scoopers on Scope, Yes we can!
Some carry questions and curious creations to what end.
Into the collective wiki, okay, that's good. Amen.
Respond and collaboratively blend. Thank you and you.
Redistributing opportunities for all to learn.
Renewed back in the hearts of lifelong ... Scope friends.
by Jo Ann

Hi Paul,
Although I agree that it means this -- I am reflecting on the words --"containment and leveling within ..." because although I get that there are implicit parameters of containment -- I'm not at all clear on what these are. Also, leveling -- as in leveling the playing field -- seems somewhat grandiose -- although with great intentions -- and I find myself feeling a bit hesitant to breathe -- holding with a feeling of doubt -- but hopeful -- wondering while holding that doubt within myself ... still for a few moments -- how to embrace the ever changing information, filtering at many levels, resynthesizing what is being birthed or formed here.

My body wants to breathe inward and outward and again I breathe inward -- as I make room for new paradigms or complexities within PD learning. There seems to be a "trans" place -- of post-post-modernism -- not so easily defined, but okay -- more stirrings, sharings, shiftings, and becomings. Jo Ann