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Hi again Deirdre,
I like and concur with your points here. However, I still know that I am not storing or organizing the many topics well in my own wiki, or files. The posts on my e-mails all seem so interesting that it is challenging to just delete them, but sometimes I do it to survive. I am very interested in how you communicate with less English speaking posts -- is it all in English, or do you use translations?
It seems that if one is working internationally with people who mainly speak Spanish -- then they might like to converse in English -- and use an automated translator. Does that go both ways or do you also have other languages? The language issue has come up with me -- as I don't speak French well enough to feel professionally competent -- and yet I studied it years ago and review it once in awhile. It seems such an advantage for international multimembership connections. I like the idea of using translators and I imagine they are improving.
In medicine the language accuracy seems important.
Jo Ann

Hi Deirdre,
Super post. So the "criteria" questions act as the gateway and the cutting off point for excessive overload. Great point and model for us. Jo Ann

Hi David,
What an amazing number of great multimemberships! Thanks for sharing this and raising the profile of these links. I know that you are very active -- and although I am familiar with takingitglobal,I do not know much about the earth links. My son and many of the younger people in my community are very connected to various earth links and I will pass these youth connections on to some of them to check for a fit for their efforts.

Do your manage your multiple memberships with "faith" as well as with you past experience? Is this another one to add to our list? "Faith" could be any faith in this regard.

Thanks again.
Jo Ann

Dear Karen and others,
I got this idea recently -- under the influence of a comment Dr. Terry Anderson made about using Venn Diagrams in another context -- and thought, since I am visual it might be a visual way of me tracking quickly the changes I make -- adding circles -- making some smaller. One can save them in a calender to track perceived and noted changes over time. I've never read about using Venn Diagrams for varied memberships -- it came up spontaneously from the idea of Venn Diagrams being so useful in other contexts -- cross applications can be helpful cross-pollinated into diverse membership contexts.Cheers Jo Ann

Hi, I'm Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers,
I have been involved in online courses since 2003 and in teaching online since 2005. My main work is as a clinical/counselling psychologist (Registered in Alberta, Canada). The Canadian spelling of counselling does have 2 l's, an American friend found that incredulous. I find that I like our spellings but am always having to decide which way to go or who is my audience. I think that relates to multimemberships.

I am also Canadian Art Therapist and a Academy of Dance/Movement Therapist Registered. I have also been a member of the Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association for years. Now that I have got into e-learning -- I find that I'm seeing things through the question of what is effective educational lifelong learning.
All of my membership communities are at various stages of asking where they stand and what they need or want from technology, e-learning, Web 1.0 and 2.0. As a "bridger" I find I have been translating across professions for years and I like the sense of interdisciplinary studies that is now evolving.

I have just written posts following Jeffery's and Karen's posts with a few of my management approaches to coping with multimemberships.