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Hi Vance,
Thanks for you great "put the multimembership" tag and aggregate for the writingmatrix. I think you are setting well written ideas for people like me.
I am also on CCK08 -- and dancing as fast as I can in that membership. I find that I really like the scheduling of the Elluminate sessions and the Ustream -- as I can book them off specific time in my clinical practice -- that runs hour by hour. It is difficult to really connect "with the connectivism folk as there are so many". I connected with Nellie Deutsch through the Scope and have joined her ning -- she is in the CCK08. However there are many people that I would love to "aggregate" and tag too -- and this is so new I'm having trouble assimulating the information in a stream -- more like hit and miss -- with at least some hits. I think the "loose ties" concept is really sticking to me.

This contrast with my Athabasca University Planning and Management course in Distance Education and Technology -- where there is a cohort, there is social software on Me2U, and there are specific papers to complete in a schedule.
Cheers Jo Ann

Hi Sylvie,
You asked us "What are some ways to facilitate multimembership in communities? How much of a role should a community coordinator take in managing multimembership?"
Great questions.
For me, I think recognizing that there are new comers and there are older members and that has advantages. One can get fresh ideas -- that may have been said, but it is good to have them said again -- especially for new comers. From everyone, one can receive offerings about what memberships work -- links, interest tags, etc. just by asking, being interested, and having some mini-conferences discussing these items.

I think that the community coordinator can lead in a style that works for each coordinator, be authentic, share, organize new questions if there are lull, show refection about and/or enthusiasm for what is happening, but mainly initial the first e-mai through Scope in a timely, introductory fashion at the beginning of the e-conference, announcing the topic and range of questions (which can be expanded). The coordinator could acknowledge e-mails from participants and as you stated make sure the wiki is saved in a way that won't be "deleted" as you mentioned could happen, and probably just engage with others. There are likely important tasks that I have missed as I have never done this task.
Jo Ann

Hi Jeffery and all others,
Thanks for you reflection on how your intention is to make time to work reflectively and not just put another item on your list. Isn't that this issue.
For me, I find that I have learned to be very disciplined, because I had to do that to accomplish what I had to do and still have time to do what I really wanted to explore and create that enriched my life. For example, sometimes I have a number of things that I have to do for my 16 year old -- and I have a tight schedule. If I have not prioritize and if I'm not reasonably organized, then my list of items gets further behind.

I think I improved after reading Stephen Covey's book several years ago "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People", especially looking at urgent and non-urgent, important and non-important in various combinations.

I realized at that time that I needed far more important and non-urgent in my life and focused more and more on that part. This led my to complete two more graduate diplomas in the last 5 years and do a number of other things besides work and family. How does this related to managing multimemberships?

For me, it is not just the tools of technology -- although many of them are helpful, it is my habits, my health, and my social networks that help me stay attuned to my values and my life purpose. I do have days where I melt down, but usually the structure helps me to focus and do what I need to do. If I get behind, I have faith that I will get caught up. I also have faith that I am on a journey that has its own rhythm for me and others. Jo Ann

Hi Jeffery,
You make some good points -- with so much activity online with multiplememberships -- there is probably more time spent sharing that in much of our other f-to-f lives. I do eat with my husband and 16 year old son once a day -- and that's probably good these days. I do have lunches on occasion with my friends. Given that -- I spend hours on the computer -- courses, teaching, blogging, and researching. This is above and beyond my daily work as a psychologist who books clients 6 days a week with flexed hours. I have several professional organizations to which I belong and I enjoy interdisciplinary conversations -- in person and online. But managing them on top of everything else -- is a matter of setting priorities, not taking myself "so" seriously, and making sure I have vacations with my family. It is knowledge management, time management, computer management, clutter clearing and scheduling that helps me and I am gradually appreciating letting some things go and being more present and mindful of the moment. Jo Ann

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Hi Sylvie and Nik and others,
I'm still relatively new to blogging on a regular basis -- and lately I've been in courses in Distance Education and Technology on top of working, so I have been using Me2U with Athatbasca University -- and only a little of my own outside blogging. You both inspire me in the direction of more bloggine after I have more time after mid December. I really enjoyed looking at the lego like video characters in the Xtranormal vidoe -- YouTube making in you one blog Nik. I' wondered if they could give more choice of "characters", but I like the interactional dialogue that one can design for a lot of purposes. It looked easy to use. I always find you teaching videos helpful Nik. Jo Ann