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Dear Gina,
Thank you for this thoughtful post about OER and teaching. What struck me is that manifesting more confidence about using OER can only really come with practice and exposure. You also mention that not everyone has a good experience when contributing to Wikepedia, for example. I think that learning is about the willingness to make mistakes and to learn from those expeiences -- and with OER -- that may mean having the courage to be criticized -- deleted -- over-ridden, or ignored completely. This brings me to the qualities of couraged and diligence that online OER need to find within themselves.

A light bulb came on that said -- content is only a small part of the delivery, as is the LMS, as is the amount of technology that we gradually add to our repetoire, if we teach online. Over the past three years I have dedicated a lot of my personal time to studying various aspects of distance education, teaching (especially online), and technology. My teachers were lifelong learners who were willing to risk exposure to "I don't know, but what do others think?" I have been reading the posts on this Scope e-conference and I sense that many of the professionals taking part -- lurking or adding posts -- are willing to share what they know, help others, and teach. Not all my many teachers along my rather long educational journey, knew the benefits of sharing openly. I have read posts about copyrights and appreciate that people work hard to produce new material. However -- I think we all re-create from others -- we are not islands unto ourselves and it has been my experience that the more we share -- the more our own lives are enriched -- deeply. Thanks everybody for all the valuable contributions that you have put into this learning environment through this OER called Scope.

Hi Nellie and Jefferey,
I agree -- people who are passionate about sharing what they know -- are teachers by nature and then they become excellent teachers by nurture when connected to OER and exposure to heart-felt learning. Glad to see such a great group forming. I think identifying one's self with the willingness to share online may catch on as people have good experiences. Jo Ann
Hi Scott and all,
My name is Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers. This site looks like a very interesting e-conference on this OER topic. Hi am in clinical practice as a psychologist in Edmonton, Alberta. I teach online and some traditional too. I have just been getting into more blogging and often blogging on the Athabasca Me2U and this is about my 7th Scope participation. I will learn from all of you and contribute when I can add something (hopefully). I'm a recent grad of the AU GDDET program (pending). Thanks for doing this everyone. I enjoyed you Matrix Scott. Jo Ann
Dear Laura,
Interesting topic about boundaries in e-learning, including the e-globe. "Boundaries, Barriers and Walls" is a workshop, that my husband, Gary Meiers, (Psychologist in Alberta now) used to run in California and then in Canada.
I have come across the term boundaries in psychology a lot -- and people have a wide variety of experience, but clarified boundaries usually help between two communicators. It get confusing when they are too undefined -- but loose can be okay if there is a sense of networking. I think the general guidelines of netettiquette help with some understood structures, but even that is not understood in the same way be everyone.

On the other hand -- barriers happen when I can't get a message to someone -- but they say for what ever reason -- on an e-mail that bounces back continuously. Walls happen if this happens too much. However I have always believed in going over, under or around the walls if I am determined to communicate.

I'm really not sure how to get the emotional intelligence of openness and trust to work when online we do not have as many body language "cues" or voice tone cues -- unless we are on elluminate (or another videoconference) or Skpye (or another VoiP). Jo Ann

Hi Jeffrey,
I think you do so much and I don't feel like I'm doing enough -- and I have to reframe and continuously get back to the moment -- what I am doing, what I can do, who I feel moved to reply to, what my obligations are, and when I need to let go. Not much magic here, but I have been reading a lot of articles over the past 3 years in DE and technology, been exposed to the generosity of many great people -- who are exemplary in the field. I have been a professional psychologist since 1974. I think the dance and the art trainings (therapeutic and regular) have helped me learn a lot of how to embody my learning, to be able to be relating with at least "good enough" communication, and also to stay very humble and just on the edge at times. I have learned from the thousands of clients I have seen over the years -- students and all kinds of folk. Perhaps the technology is helping me communicate with more people now. I do not feel confident -- I just do what I can and see where it goes. I do believe in positive actions, and I fight off and reframe my own negative chat.
Cheers, Jo Ann