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Dear Sylvia,
in the announcement it says "2 one-hour sessions in Elluminate each Wednesday at 19:00 GMT (12:00 PDT)" -- but I think you mean 12 PDT and 1:00 GMT -- is that correct? I thought I couldn't make it at 7:00 in the evening as I have a client -- but 1:00 is great. Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers

Dear Sylvia,
I'm glad that SCoPE's value was seen. I often wonder why more people do not use it. I asked one of my friends and she said that it was just a matter of having the time. I think there are a lot of lurkers who are benefitting as well as super contributors and presenters, and your leadership has been excellent and responsive, probing, exemplar, and innovative. Thanks Sylvia and all the presenters thus far. May this be a lifelong resource that serves many for a long long time.


I find that Scope “tutors” do so “secretly” most of the time – perhaps not even knowing how much they are modeling or sharing. 

About giving recognition for Scope participation, I think if it would help some people, than sure I would support that. For myself, I don’t need it at this point in my life. My rewards come in the participation and the lurking. Some topics have really got me charged up; others I just hang out with, but don’t find them particularly useful to my life – although I could say that about a lot of general knowledge, so it is a matter of my honing in on what fits for me or contributing when I can.

In terms of our Scope Community's function and place in the virtual world, I find the members quite diverse and varied enough in their interests and backgrounds to offer different ideas and perspectives, but not so diverse that I might as well be on Web 2.0.

I have many professional communities that I belong to, but Scope is quite unique. The members of Scope, including the lurkers who occasionally contribute or let us know that they appreciate what is being discussed, are really very down to earth with their discussions and gifts. I find you all to be great models. I’m mentor for several people in other interest areas, but I find that Scope as a collective is a great mentor.

Jo Ann

It is great to take a few moments to thank everyone for the experiences and the generous contributions by all. Thanks to Scope participants, I feel more in tune with what is happening and with a community of learners in online learning and teaching and technology.

I do not participate as much now, as I used to, when I was a student -- mostly because I'm way to busy with work, and just having the opportunity to contribute and to lurk keeps me reading and reflecting on a regular basis.

I'm presenting in NY in a month on Dance/movement therapy and technology and I know that my confidence to present is partly because of the modeling from Scope presenters. There is professional effort and care put into all the interactive presentations facilitated on Scope. The learning bar is high, but the support is sensed.

I am honored to be part of this community and look forward to this continued outreach to others as I think it is live giving and more than a virtual exchange. I hope to take more time to integrate what I learn, yet I feel I am learning and that encourages me to keep engaged.

Thanks everyone,
Jo Ann

Dear Nicholas,
I found this "shared thinking" seminar to be very thought provoking. It is Canada Day and I want to wish everyone a "Happy Canada Day".

It is interesting that analysis tends to want "convergence", whereas shared thinking can value divergent thinking in pie charts, and also may in some areas, value clickers that indicate some convergent leanings.

I've been working on a SWOT analysis regarding the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of an organization, that I belong to, supporting and promoting more skills and awareness of online learning/teaching development and more appropriate technology adoption.

It struck me that I was very aware THAT IT IS diversity thinking that will allow some of the members to be more receptive to the SWOT action recommendations and that any feedback I get from the members will be helpful for shaping our direction.

Thanks for your posts and other posts for this subject area; it is of great interest to me.
Jo Ann