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It appears to be a great start in a discussion on Automating ID. I look forward to checking out more of the url's already shared and I see some new and some familiar names. I live in Edmonton Alberta and have a practice in Clinical/counseling psychology as well as in Dance/movement Therapy and Art Therapy. I am familiar with Lesley University through some BC-DMTs that I have met over time. I have been assisting some DMT's to learn how to use blended learning and LMS systems and ID. My practice keeps me busy, but I am a lifelong learner. Jo Ann

Dear Glenn,
You are a prolific writer and already an amazing, and inspiring leader in blogs and what is happening within the blogging world. I agree that it is not about getting students and faculty to blog. It is more like a developmental process and even an evolutionary process, if people begin to engage and then find that they make time and focus and even discover what their style of blogging really is at any given time. I am still a novice blogger, but I now have three blogs and I have very little time to blog in them though I am moving towards that behavioural goal, and not because there is a need for others to "comment", but more because of the idea of birthing these sites and seeing what I can do with them. Some people have already asked for the sites, but I'm very reluctant to post the sites as they feel like new creations that need more time to gestate, grown, and have substance. I do like commenting on others blogs, and I feel like I give back when I comment. I enjoy some blog content, but something has to grab my imagination or interest -- otherwise I do a surface read and move on.

I'm resigned to being a lifelong blogger now. I want to put more of my art in one of my blogs, including videos from movement work. In another of my blogs, I want to discuss clinical issues and psychological interventions. In another I'm wanting to have distance education outreach themes. I hope to berry pick, and to link up with some other blogs, and also understand more of the networks for blogs over time.
Jo Ann

Dear Michael,
Thanks for sharing this blog -- I want to share the site with my art therapy colleagues and connect that up with you. I'm slowly moving in the blogging area as I seem to read and post on other blogs more than work on my own blogs.
However, I do suffer from being very involved in a number of areas professionally including artmaking.

I'm very excited that Glenn is doing the blogging SCoPE webinar as he has so much to share in this area as he has been dedicated to writing and gathering what blogging is about as a rather new social, educational phenomenon.

I see so many important ways to reach out to many and I see that through the blogs, I am learning a lot about the heart of blogging.

Thanks again for sharing with us, Jo Ann

Dear Brent and others,
Scope always has great adventures.

I'm looking forward to the pros and the not so goods of the ipad.
I don't have one, but my niece does (a university student) and I'm considering one -- and am most interested in the travel advantages to find location.
That part amazes me. Of course, the other articles that people have posted are helpful for educational purposes -- and a critic's view. Thanks Jo Ann