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Greetings! I am glad to see this topic and happy to jump in.

I've been blogging since 2006. I started a couple of blogs that related to different aspects of my work - one as an educator, another as someone interested in technology stewardship, particularly in communities of practice.

Both of those blogs are more labors of love and are not directly job-related, but were created mostly as a space for me to think out loud. One blog has lain fallow for awhile. The other, I do post, but part of my "personal learning plan" for this year is to do so more regularly and to dig a little deeper into things that I'd like to explore. I totally related to Sylvia's comment, by the way, of having a pile of drafts in wordpress!

I co-blog at another work-related blog. And we use blogs to support specific projects, like our "social media boot camps."

It is also worth mentioning that I read - or perhaps more accurately - scan a number of blogs regularly.

I also use twitter, both as a listening post for my own professional/personal learning and to share resources that might be of interest to others.

Things I have been thinking about lately and would like to explore more:
  • blogs as a means of connecting and interacting in "loosely coupled" communities of practice
  • blogging as an educational / learning activity - either as part of the curriculum or as a way of setting up a network/community of learners in formal and informal learning situations
  • blogs as a way of engaging different layers of an educational community - learners, faculty, administrators, parents, outside community members, people who might be looking to connect to the school in some way, etc.
  • Based on the above, I'm wondering, what are implications for design, facilitation, opportunities for engagement?
Thanks for the chance to think out loud!


I enjoyed the interview very much - fun to hear voices and it was a great interview. Plus, I liked the way that you integrated audio, Glenn. Something to think about - can you say a little about the tools that you used to do this?

It was great to hear more about SCoPE's history. I knew bits and pieces and this was a good way of bringing it together for me.

Items that made impressions on me (in no particular order):
  • the openness of the community - people can pop in and out (like, um, me), and as a result, there is a sense of expandable community
  • how Sylvia models community stewardship - in terms of facilitation techniques, institutional history
  • Sylvia's observations on how members model good participation techniques - and how those techniques are often adapted by other members
  • the ways in which Sylvia taps into community talent

Hi, all! Adding me directly to the 2 waves worked - thanks!


I have a wave account and I signed up for the google group, but I'm missing how to jump onto the SCoPE group wave. Perhaps a screen shot or two might help? I've joined others in the past, but I think I've done it from direct invites.

Feeling a bit like I'm missing the mayonnaise jar in the fridge which is probably right under my nose, :)

Many thanks for your continued assistance!


I am looking forward to this seminar :) I have participated in other SCoPE seminars to various degrees. I have extra invites if anyone needs them. I have played a bit with google wave and have been looking for opportunities to increase my proficiency. So glad to be here to learn more from you and the rest of the community.