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I expect it does us all good to be reminded of how learners feel when they enter new subject a learner in this seminar and as a learner trying to even find just one small SCoPE wave, I am certainly grumpy right now....being frustrated in my efforts and grumpy with myself for not being able to figure out how best to proceed (and probably retreating to "lurker" status as a result).

Right now, I'm trying to determine whether or not to clear my cookies so that I can find the wave (I keep getting an error message that this is my next step). Ummmmm....feels like an insurmountable burden at this stage. ...which is really good for me (I expect).

Just thinking aloud for a moment...instructors/profs are hired for their subject area expertise and not hired as techies....if they can combine the two easily, their learners benefit. Are learners also accepted into a study area because of their interest and background knowledge? Can the electronic tools used in a course present a burden or obstacle that can make further studies difficult?

The air is leaking out of my life vest.....looking for straws.

Cheers, Chris


Hello: I bounced into this seminar this morning determined to do more than lurk. I have yet to be successful finding any wave (but I've not done anything more than a quick look)....but today's emails make me wonder if Google's "wave" is really a tsunami!  I'm getting a little worried about dipping a toe into this particular water what with all the comments around chaos. Yikes!

I'll try again tomorrow....with my life jacket already on and inflated.

Chris Horgan


Hello: I've been lurking for the last few seminars and I hope to be a more active participant for this one. So, I'll be the brave one and ask the stupid question: what is a wave? and why is it important to me?

Thanks, Christine (Chris) Horgan

Curriculum Co-ordinator, SAITY Polytechnic, Calgary, Alberta

Thanks, Nellie: I'm familiar with Research Ethics Boards (REBs) but didn't recognize these initials. Chris



Pardon my ignorance, but could you please tell me what do IRB andARB stand for?

Thanks, Chris