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Other than Mozilla's Badge Backpack (an interesting concept), where are people "storing" their badges? What's the digital equivalent of the girl guide badge sash?

Where are people starting to "note" their badges? (a) On their Linked In page (perhaps under professional development), (b) on their resumes under professional development, (c) intheir e-portfolios?

And . . . are people noting badges under professional development or moving toward a new section on their resume/e-portfolio? (and if the latter, what are the typical titles?)

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Christine (Chris) Horgan

I grasp and like the concept but I'm very fuzzy on the practicalities of designing & setting up and using

Interested in digital badges in my joint role of curriculum co-ordinator and instructional designer and personally as I have a bright, but reluctant, learner in my family who is going to have to walk a very different path to build her credentials.

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I'm tempted to say I want to know everything, but I'm not sure what to ask. (Everything you ever wanted to know about digital badges, but were afraid to ask.)

I see references to the concept of badges more and more frequently. As I have a reluctant learner in my own family, the concept of badges (and I'm thinking the Girl Guide/Boy Scout approach--which is probably too simplistic) is a concept that interests me personally as it's something that might make PSE more "do-able" for this very bright family member. However, ever mindful of the necessity at PSEs to grow business, I'm more and more interested in creating opportunities for learners -- and badges may present that opportunity.

Could we start with . . .

  • defining the concept.
  • briefly exploring the history of the concept.
  • looking at the business model for badges.
  • discussing whether or not badges will/can/could/should be non-credit, continuing education-type courses or whether or not they could be combined into a self-determined, PSE-recognized qualification.
  • looking at the "shape" of badges (hours, resources, evaluations, learner support).


  • Cheers, Chris
  • (SAIT Polytechnic, Calgary, Alberta, Canada)