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Hi All - thank you for a great Week 1 in the course.

First, some announcements:
    • Victoria Day Monday, May 18 is an official holiday from the course - activities remain open in Moodle for those who choose
    • Ross and I are proposing moving the final synchro session from Thurs. May 28  to Friday, May 29 @ 12:30-1:15pm. PDT - please let us know below if that would NOT work for you

Week 1 focussed on Preparing for Synchronous Sessions. We did video/audio intros, gathered in a synchro session to try some tools, had excellent wide-ranging discussion in the forum, and had nine people sign up to facilitate. Thanks for your participation and engagement. 

Some themes that stood out for me this week are below.  Anything that stood out for you?  Please let us know below.
    • Community - challenges and methods of cultivating learning communities in online environments
    • Group Work - breakout rooms for group work - combining multiple platforms for 'break out' group work
    • Safety - ways to encourage online learner risk-taking and experimentation 
    • Migration - how to rebuild successful f-t-f activities in online contexts

Looking forward to seeing if some of these get tackled in the facilitator sessions :)

Reminder of guidelines for facilitation sessions:
    • Topic: Whatever you feel comfortable with - no need to research or create something new (unless you want to)
    • Length: 15-30 minutes
    • Evaluation: Facilitation Session Guide
    • More info: Course Overview
    • Schedule: TBD based on preferences indicated on Role Declaration doc - ideally we can schedule 2-3 facilitations per session . More to come on this next week.
Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Feedback? Please let us know below.

Your Facilitators

As you are by now aware - we are asking that you declare by Friday, May 15 whether you will be participating in this course as a Presenting Facilitator or as a Reviewing Participant  - please enter your choice in the Declare Your FLO Synchronous Role document accessible via the course Hub.

As you prepare for your (facilitator or reviewer) session - you may want to take advantage of the informal Tech Times - during which Ross and/or myself will be available on Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to answer any questions about and walk you through the functionality based on your needs.   
The first Tech Time session is this Thursday, May 14 @ 11:30-12:30 ,Pacific Time and the second one is on Wednesday, May 20 @ 8-9pm Pacific Time in the Collaborate practice room.

Questions? Let us know by responding to this post below.


We had a great turnout at our first synchronous session this afternoon - attendance peaked at 22 people and averaged at 20 - which is quite good for a group of 25. Thanks to all of you who attended and participated. 

Here is the link to the session recording:  https://us-lti.bbcollab.com/recording/fa33f1a4b98049bb8cad2bdd16bd5a65

It was good to hear/see the group all together - as well as to hear each of your personalities come through as we built our story together. I found it a good exchange even though we had so many participants. 

Please let us know how the session went for you - was there anything that worked or didn't work especially well? Was there anything that you expected to be covered that wasn't? If you had been running that session how might you have done it differently? Facilitators love feedback :)

Below is a screen capture of the shared whiteboard activity - your individual expectations of this course - you may want to use this as a baseline to compare against once you've completed the course.


Asif Devji


Hi All -- in response to my proposed LS activity, my consultants highlighted my confusion as to: What is an 'invitation' in LS terms?

Is it a marketing blurb? Is it a learning outcome? Is it a question prompt? What exactly is it?

Wondering what others think and if there were questions around this for any of you as you put together your LS activity.