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Those a good three weeks - preparing, facilitating, and following up after synchronous learning sessions. Thanks to the facilitators for facilitating and the reviewers for reviewing. How would it have been if you had played the other role? 

Thanks also for some excellent discussion - and for engaging with one another intellectually and as co-learners of new skills. People took chances and it was great. We learned a lot from you - I hope you did too..

Please consider the course still running through the weekend and then available to you ever after to log into the content that you created.

You were an excellent cohort - we hope to see you in more FLO courses. Good luck in your practice with synchro activities - the more you do it the better you'll get. 

Take good care.

Asif & Ross

Here's a link to the recording of our closing synchro meet May 28 2020.

Hi All - striking while the iron's hot - we'd love to harness your wisdom to help improve this course.

Please let us know:

a) How do you think the current FLO Synchronous course could be improved? What would you do differently next time if you were to facilitate it?

b) What content/concepts could a FLO Synchronous Part 2 course include? What would stretch the learning you acquired in Part 1 further and deeper?

Thanks again for your engaged participation and feedback - what a pleasure working with you! 

Asif & Ross

Hi All - we've had some questions regarding how to provide feedback to Practicing Facilitators on their sessions - answers below:

  • Please consider the Facilitation Session Guide a breakdown of possible criteria to consider when evaluating - but provide your feedback in language that you are comfortable with and that is authentic to you
  • Feedback to facilitators should be posted in the appropriate thread in the Week 3 Discussion Forum - and not on the Facilitation Session Guide itself (which is simply a reference document)
  • Some guidance from the Providing Effective Feedback page in the Course Overview:

    To be effective, feedback should be positive, concrete, and specific. Feedback should also be instructive. Like asking good questions, providing feedback also enables participants to reflect on their learning and determine possible follow-up actions and strategies.

Hope this helps to clarify - please let us know if any more questions.

Asif & Ross