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Thanks for the support, Sue.

I actually wrote 5 pages today that captured the highlights of my history as a teacher. It ends with where the TPS will begin, I think.

I look forward to the next step, and am so much better prepared for it as a result of this week's activities.


Thanks, Sylvia, for the encouraging start to Day 5. Unfortunately I don't even have a drafty draft :-(.

I'm still stuck in the reflections stage, and since I don't actually begin teaching again (after many years' absence) until January, I'm just not ready to move on. I think it's partly because I haven't yet adopted my new/ renewed identity as a teacher.

However, I'll spend much of today on this, and may have something later. In the meantime, if others are stuck, you'll know you are not alone.

Best to all...


Awesome, thanks Sylvia!

It's cool to see how they are different, and how they are the same.


I had a chance to try out a couple of these on some of the free writing I have been doing this week. My first impression is that they have the most important words captured. What do others think? Has anyone else tried this yet? (I'd upload them but haven't figured out how to make the images small enough to show in the forum window.)


First, it's probably important to state that I teach in graduate programs, where students are already employed in the field I have enjoyed working in for decades. Thus, why do I teach?

- to share my experiences

- to learn from colleagues

I am a facilitator, a coach, and a role model.