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Hi all, a quick intro. I am an English Instructor at the College of the Rockies. This will be my first semester teaching English Literature online.

I have a few discussion prompts related to one week's content and would love feedback. This prompt is more of an introduction post designed to get students thinking about the main concepts of the week. In this case, the main concept is the dramatic monologue and the power of speech. 

My main challenge is always encouraging interactions between students. My other prompt for the week will ask students to pose a question and to respond to one of their peers' questions.

Discussion prompt:

The silent auditor is a major feature of the dramatic monologue. This forum asks you to think about the auditor. Please compose a brief response (50-100 words) for each prompt in the threads I started for you. Feel free to respond to one another and to build on each other's observations.

Prompt #1: Describe your experiences listening to the poem? How did you feel? What stood out to you as you listened?

Prompt #2: Imagine you are the silent auditor of the poem (i.e. the count's representative). What do you think he is thinking/feeling as he hears the Duke's speech? 

The poem, if you are wondering, is the wonderful "My Last Duchess" by Robert Browning (link: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/43768/my-last-duchess)


Hi everyone, here is my intro video :)

I have decided to keep things low tech because I am teaching 5 sections this semester and there is only so much time in the day. I created the video using a webcam I found in my office (who knows how old it is!) at my desk, which sits in front of a window. I have not edited the beginning or end because I don't think I need to? It seemed to start and end pretty smoothly for once.  

My goal was simply to introduce myself a bit, but more to set up the course (i.e. give an idea of what we are reading) and to reassure students that I am here for them and invested in creating a collaborative learning environment. 

Please forgive the audio quality and the buzz in the background as well as the pixilation. The original does not have that, I promise! I recorded using Kaltura, but it only wanted to upload to my course site, so I had to record my video using screencast-o-matic to post it here. Fun times! 

P.S. Here's a link to the poem I read at the end: https://canpoetry.library.utoronto.ca/wayman/poem5.htm


Hi all! 

My name is Caley. I have been teaching English Comp and Literature at the College of the Rockies since 2013. Before that, I taught courses as grad student sessional at UVic.

I have taught online sporadically in the past, but this will be my first semester teaching ALL my courses online and my first semester teaching a literature course online. 

I have made introduction videos in the past, but I wanted to refresh my skills and really think about the use of such videos. So, I enrolled in this class.