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Glad to have been of help.  I thought your session at JAM was well attended, and it's clear that even if not everyone is jumping on board, they are very curious to watch this project unfold. 

Upwards and onward.


I think it's a good idea for those that did reviews to share some of their experience.  I read some of the reviews submitted and some of them were very comprehensive. It was clear the reviewer spent considerable time and effort, and the contribution is appreciated. I wonder, however, if this may be intimidating to those considering submitting a review.  Some may not feel they have the time to commit to submitting a review.

Outside of taking the time to read the book, the writing of a review probably shouldn't take too long, especially since you have nicely broken down the different areas to be reviewed (Relevance, Clarity, Consistency etc).  If a potential reviewer knows a little more about the time commitments, they may be more willing to give it a shot.

FWIW, I think that there is momentum building towards this project, even if at times it seems a little slow. OER has been a constant source of conversation at most system meetings I have attended in the past year.  This was not the case the year prior. As greater awareness is achieved, I think you will find greater levels of participation and adoption.