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I am presenting a second video that provides a brief personal introduction that could be included in my courses. 

I hope you can see this - I did upload it to the Kaltura repository for this course but could not get it to display properly. 

I also ended up uploading it to YouTube - I could not make the Kaltura version show up here. 

Sorry, you will have to copy the link - when I make the link active, the display is enormous and will not load. 

BTW, this is definitely an excellent experience dealing with these issues as a student....I see now why some get so flustered. 

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VIEW ON YOUTUBE AT: https://youtu.be/Xddk8pLMiMA

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This is an introductory video I have been working on to introduce the Novice to Expert Theory for Nurses by Patricia Benner. I think I have the visuals and background music down pat but I still have flaws in my script getting cut off at the end of certain frames.

Any suggestions on how to fix this (and any other aspects) are most welcome. 

I really like the Adobe Spark interface and encourage my own students to use it for their projects. I just wish I could master my audio timing. I have redone the culprit frames several times - that part is frustrating. 

If you cannot see this from Kaltura it is also on the Adobe Spark site at:


Well, the time frame for this Seminar has come and gone - I want to Thank Everyone who took the time to participate, and to all those who came to view and read the topics here.

If you would like to continue this conversation, there are two options....

1. If you belong to Facebook, or are open to joining we have a permanent group established at:


2. You can also share your views, questions, and such on the First Nations Pedagogy blog at: http://firstnationspedagogy.com/blog/

Thanks again for contributing to this wonderful conversation!


We have touched on bandwidth, but we also need to explore the other factors that should be taken into consideration when building this planned online resource.

We would like to hear from you about what you think would be important to consider for:

a) content
b) design and layout of the site
c) any particular software (including open source) that you would recommend using.

Happy Easter to all!

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We are beginning to collect a number of pertinent resources for educators related to First Nations Pedagogy on our Seminar Wiki.

If you have a great resource to add, please feel free to do so!