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Hello Jeffrey...

Along with my Protopage I also have a Netvibes and Pageflakes site as time went on I was gravitating towards using my protopage more and more until I stopped using Netvibes and/or Pageflakes...and for me it was because it was simpler to use and visually less distracting...

...and Protopage for now at least does not display ads

Hello to all...I am late to jump...but here are my thoughts...

I have used many tools to manage my RSS feeds, Blogs, etc...but for the last year or so...i have centralized it all on my "protopage"...

Protopage is widget and tabs driven and it is the simplest website tool I have found to manage my own feeds, bookmarks, etc...

Have a look -

Go here if you want your own protopage -

I especially like my "Blog Wall" - - in one page I can see all my feeds and then can quickly scan and decide what I would like to read....


hello to all...what a wonderful bunch of potential co-conspirators....

My name is Frank the present time I am and Educational Technologist/Instructional Designer for Vancouver Island University (formerly Malaspina University-College) located in Nanaimo, British Columbia -

PD..hmm!!...I think for me it is about continuous improvement and updating of my own skills and knowledge and I have used a variety of techniques and methods to do that...most importantly I have tried to tap myself into networks of liked minded individuals through various web technologies...blogs, wikis, etc...and I read /contribute on a daily basis and when time/$$$ permit I do attempt to attend the occasional F2F conference...just back from one in is a link to the wiki -

Also, from a practitioners perspective I find the "elearning guild" forums to be useful and practical for my day to day work -

...and also, as the memory starts to wane I have found it useful for me to keep track of the chaos by having a "protopage" setup here -
- this allows me to add/edit my bookmarks and stuff on the fly - no special software required and it is free to boot!


Hi all...the picture has to be saved as a .png format
take care