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I found this tool from Professor Dawn Wright (who owns and gets all the credit).  dawn@dusk.geo.orst.edu

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Thank you to everyone for the wonderful posts, teaching resources, and critical thinking about the learning process for adults (whether in educational or training contexts).  Here's my question for our final week of discussion:

If you could automate any instructional tool, method, or assessment process for adult learning, what would you want to automate?

Example 1:  automated assistant for communications skills training:


Example 2:  automating the tracking of learners throughout a curriculum (Learning Management Systems):


----------- If you want to continue the discussion on automating instructional design past our June 24 seminar close...please follow the discussion here:




I guess from all the discussion, it seems hard to automate what we can't see.  So let's try this:  can we agree on a single definitin of what is meant by the term, "curriculum development."?



Given all of your experience with online learning and facilitation, what best practices have you seen in higher education for online teaching and facilitation?  For example, have you used tools like Voicethread or web conferencing with any success?  How do you integrate instant messaging or live student chats to boost interaction and learning?  Please share here...





Time for a Poll

Please Chime in here on where you would like our discussion to head next for week #2.  I'd love to broaden the discussion--or narrow it down--depending on what you would all like to explore next...