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I think you might be right, about the US-centric nature of the service.

We are all products of the cultures that shaped us. If we are influenced by one culture, the job is hard enough. There are those of us who have grown up in two (or more!) countries during their formative years, so our outlook is an amalgam of the "home" culture and the "away" culture(s). It's hard to program for that!

I logged in with my Twitter account for two reasons

1. I was just interested in OAthing and not having Hutch access my other information (as another learner pointed out!)

2. My Fb account actually does not have that much info about my likes/dislikes. I had a lot of info a few versions ago (before they switched to the "be a fan of the [insert TV show] Page" but I did not like the new paradigm.

Hutch was a hit n' miss for me. Some things were accurate (I think I answered 75 questions), like the TV shows that I would like and cuisines that I would enjoy, but other things were not (like European cities to visit). I would visit the cities that were listed, but they are not at the top of my (current) list :-)

As far as academic uses go, working in higher education, I think if we had a system like this in place, where students could connect to their Fb account (presuming that there is valuable data to be mined there), if the learner could start answering questions as they enter college and continually answer questions while they are students, faculty members could have a lot of data on their hands that can help shape the course that students are taking; using such data to come up with examples that are meaningful and relevant to the learner.