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It's interesting that this topic should come up today (or rather, it's interesting that I first saw it today). Coming to work there was a giant QR code in my subway car. Just the QR code, nothing else. I needed to know what it was so I snapped a photo of it (or rather scanned it) with my iPhone and it directed me to: which said "SOLVE ME"

Personally I think that QR codes could be used for some fun things, but it is all contingent on the learner having a device that can read the QR code.

I've seen some Microsoft Tag codes, but honestly, they have been few and far between so I haven't bothered downloading the app for my iphone
This may work for the tech savvy students, but with a little more than 10 years under my belt in higher education student support (in one capacity or another), I can tell you that most aren't that savvy. The institution would have to be hands-on the student's laptops to set that up (and who knows what sort of resistance you get there).
From conversations that I've had with former classmates that work in corporate training (Instructional Designers), corporate does care about what grade you get, but perhaps they don't care how you use the knowledge you've gained. The main thing that comes up are compliance workshops that are mandatory. You need a grade of 70% or above to pass (just naming a figure, actual figure may vary). All corporate is concerned with (from the use cases I've heard) is that their people pass the mandatory compliance. No evaluation past the L1 or L2 (if you are concerned with compliance) evaluation is ever done.