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From all the training sessions that I've had, I can say that some things can be measured during training, but more substantive things (like L3 and L4 evaluations under Kirkpatrick) cannot.

I also tend to think that some training does require more than the time one puts into completing the eLearning module (or classroom session). I think that post-training interventions and assistance really do make it much more likely that the information gained in training can be put to use.
Interesting scenario.
The one thing I wanted to add here is that it's not always about the position/level of the people you are connected to but a more pertinent descriptor would be "what do these people know?"

It's good to be attune to the beat of the various levels of management and what goes on in the front lines, but often times people's job descriptions don't accurately reflect the skills that they have and how those could be utilized.
A number of people in other threads have also brought up the issue of bias. I think this would be a good place to restate this because questions that we ask are questions that come out of our world experiences and as such have some bias. If the questions are multiple choice, what we ascribe as valid values for these choices are also based on our personal biases.
Check out the NewtonTalk list :-)
There are still many who use the device for day to day operations! Lots of enthusiasts out there looking to get the OS running on an iPad!

I have mine in a box (since it doesn't have any unicode fonts that include Greek, and I really need Greek these days).
You bring up an interesting point. I work at the university library for my university (and I've had a few hats while I've worked here). I know that we have analytics/metrics on how many books are taken out, how many online journals have been accessed and how often and so on.

You're right, no user data stays recorded (mainly I think due to the PATRIOT act in the US) but in some of my graduate work I have often talked about user recommendation systems that could be great for library users if people could opt-in to have their data tracked (just like Google Latitude is opt-in), we might see more usage of our resources.

As far as I know, what people do with these metrics tend to be used for managerial purposes, funding (receiving of and allocation of). I don't know if any of this info goes back to colleges or specific departments to show how their faculty and students use the resources (or don't use them and thus have an opportunity to showcase some resource)