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Well, as others have pointed out, data is not neutral - how you derive data and how you interpret data can be biased.

I think we need to not just look at data, but also look at who gave it to us and what their motivations are. I guess a peer review of data should be in order.
It's an interesting question indeed!

I think that the underlying methods/tools that are used in EDM and LAK are probably similar. You develop models, programs and queries to mine through a large corpus of data to get some result.

I think that where EDM and LAK are different is the intended audience of the data output. It seem to me that LAK is geared toward the educator and the team that the educator works with (principally instructional designers and educational specialists I'd say). LAK seems more classroom oriented.

EDM on the other hand seems more like understanding students at the macro level (how they take courses, in what sequence, which courses are generally taken together, etc). I'd say that EDM is more like the Google Latitude of learning analytics
Libraries tend to hide behind the PATRIOT act (federal government being able to come and take all records of a user's library activity). I haven't actually seen anyone invoke FERPA, at least for library related issues.

I do agree that libraries missed the boat! (perhaps though it's not too late!) A number of years ago I had developed a proposal for a new type of library website (for one of my IT courses) that I never really presented or published anywhere. I was reading some articles yesterday and it seems like the concept is still not really out there. It's given me the idea that perhaps I need to write more about it :-)