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I had suspected that learning analytics had many masters (or perhaps a better analogy is that too many cooks trying to make something out of the raw ingredients) - this was confirmed for me. The take away is that data is abundant - we just need to play nice, share and analyze (for the benefit of the learner)

All things considered, the course was quite interesting, as my first MOOC. I would have liked to have seen more participation - personally when I read something I take it in, and sometimes I write something about it, other times not. If others are participating, there is an increased possibility that I will read and react to something that someone else wrote, thus (potentially) increasing the understanding of the subject matter. I guess I would have liked to have seen more participation from others, but I guess this is a chicken-egg type of thing :-)

I liked having all discussions in Moodle - having new replies come to my email was quite convenient.
I agree.
For me analytics *is not statistics*.
With Stats you are looking for specific things (perhaps reporting to your bosses about the progress of something), but Analytics on the other hand is more about *discovery*. I tend to think of analytics as something related to data mining. You can use it to see patterns that are otherwise obscured.
Quite an interesting discussion. In all honesty I don't know specifically what my institution collects and who is in charge of said collections.

What I do know is that information is stored in silos that aren't mutually accessible for any large scale analysis. Our campus doesn't have single-signon (which causes headaches) and some times the same (or similar) data is collected by many entities.

There are many places that this kind of data would be useful (in my immediate realm - library collection development) but the info just isn't available :-)

Academia still seems to be run as a conglomeration of many different silos as opposed to one monolithic organization

A cleaning algorithm would be useful...but...I wouldn't trust it :-)

a year or so ago I undertook a project to clean up my music, re-rip it into iTunes, scan cover art and have appropriate meta-data. I was almost 90% when my hard drive died. Haven't gone back to it yet :-)

I think it would be worthwhile for me to go back through my delicious bookmarks and retag and add abstracts. I "only" have about 2000 bookmarks. I think that what I will find is that about 500 of those links are dead, which makes it a good excuse to clean things up ;-)

As far as going back to old blog posts. I have considered it, but with about 3000 posts (across 3 blogs), that could be an issue. For blogs, I think it doesn't matter as much (the retagging) since one could do a forensic analysis on our blogs and could tell things about the evolution of our thinking. I write blog posts to outwardly communicate with others. Bookmarks on the other hand, I keep because I find them useful for my own personal use, the outward sharing is just a nice side-effect :-)
I love the GPS comic :-) Humor is definitely great!

What I've noticed is that participation has become less than what it was during week 1. There is still enough participation to stimulate a thought process in me and make me come into Moodle to post a response of some sort, but there definitely isn't as much quantity as before.

I'd be interested in hearing other people's opinions (positive and negative!) and hearing about where they have problems with the materials or concepts. Much learning comes not only from understanding what you read, but also about how other people react to it! :-)