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I want to thank the facilitators for organizing this course and all the people involved with their posts. I'm still reading texts and doing tests with the software provided on the course. I think I still go into this forum to continue reading and reviewing a topic for my rather novel.
Thank you very much and keep in touch.

I received some criticism for my twitter and wanted to clarify that.Surely I have not expressed well. I do not agree with the system of the panopticon, quite the opposite. This would lead to educational failure, also is not cool for the student. This image is what I watch when I see what appear to be looking for educational institutions with data mining. Greetings

(I tried to write in simple sentences for translation into English is understandable).

In general, virtual schools and teachers are thinking and discussing, with the best intentions, the use of tools to detect student's motivation in that critical point where we can still recover and motivate them to continue with their studies and there is no abandonment.
The impression I have so far provided information on data mining in education is that it is partial and difficult to assess. Correct me if this is not true.
The student can enter the platforms that have been prepared for a course and they interact or not. That does not mean that student has not attained the knowledge that he requested and obtained by other means, of which the teacher has no control (external relational cluster shown on the map below.)

I continue with the relationship we make between the Panopticon and Learning (eLearning). The concept of this design allows a watcher to observe (-opticon) all (pan-) prisoners without being able to know if they are being observed or not. Whereupon the prisoner was self-censorship, gets into his head to the observer and is becoming more oppressed. Before it was God who saw everything in his omniscience and the believer is repressed in any of their actions, even in thought.

In the Panopticon or surveillance cameras today do not know at what point are watching us, but physically present technology. Although the cameras did not work or we were going to live on another planet, we are conditioned, we have introduced the repressor in the unconscious and do not act as we feel like.

Bentham's Panopticon has characteristics:

1. The architecture determines the dominant position.
2. The constant monitoring or the assumption of the existence of it.
3. The establishment of individuals in places that are observable.
4. The polyfunctionality: for a number of institutions in which the observation is basic to their operation.

I decanting these characteristics to the Learning and can be applied as follows:

1. Ubiquity (the teacher or institution) gives the omnipresence (central space in the Panopticon). They read and interpret the data, but a relentless software that collects and organizes the data field, and this we know that never rests.
2. Through data mining we are acting as watchers, picking his every move.(Dataveillance*)
3. The establishment of individuals in places that are observable. We tell them they have to go into Moodle to interact in blogs of fellow, on Twitter, or Facebook, fill in the wiki ... we annotate the observation space by creating the Panopticon.
4. Exercising control, leaving fewer and therefore the institution will enjoy greater prestige. I assume that this is the end and not to evaluate the student to enter and interact with peers, as this does not guarantee learning.
5. We can add one more point would be to share with students that display, that he is aware of their own movement and action.

Sharing the data collected with the student, I can think of two ways:

1. Improve its performance: self-discipline imposed if it is assessed for this assistance.
2. Seeking tricks to make us believe that it is meeting our expectations, and find someone else or creating software that pretends to be concerted places him at certain hours. As I say, if their assistance will be evaluated.

What is the objective pursued by the universities or educational institutions with data mining? Is it a guarantee that the title has been issued deserved?

Is this control will not detract from freshness to the experience of surfing the web?

Do you think this metaphoric representation of the image is correct?

Illustrate it with an image



Greg ElmerA Diagram of Panoptic Surveillance* Página 6


Tratadística y Postmodernismo.

In my case I sometimes spend too much time reading and translating texts into Spanish. But not only from here, in the reader and email too.



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