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Hi Jane - I remember this LS from a conference I was at last year. It is very effective because it catches people off guard and encourages the flipside thinking. How would it work with the time interval between the sessions? Would this LS only be applied in the first session? Would there be a re application (or maybe a recap?) in subsequent sessions?

CDI sounds great by the way - we were just talking about a similar initiative yesterday!



Background: We are designing faculty workshops for the fall and targeting new faculty who are busy surviving and do not have a lot of time for learning. Our goal is to have the learning activity duration between 20 and 30 min.  So time was my first consideration in looking through the LS menu. After identifying about 5 possibilities I landed on Improv Prototyping. 

My area is education technology, which we describe as applying technology to learning.


We welcome you to Act Out!

For this activity we need some players. Come on up here to the stage. Your task - should you choose to accept it - is to act out the most challenging experience of using technology for learning since the beginning of the semester. The player roles are one student, one new professor and one colleague who has been teaching longer.

The scene plays out - 3-5 minutes

Small observer groups pull out what they saw -  1 minute for self reflection, 2 minutes for  pair discussion, 2 min for foursome discussion (if numbers allow)., 2 minutes for big group discussion). This is a modification of the 1-2-4-all 7 minutes

Each observer group then does their own improv on that same challenge and tries to improve on that experience 5 min.

Ask for volunteers to act out the “improved” challenge in front of the larger group 5 min.

Debrief 5 min.

 An example might be setting up a grade book, using classroom technology etc. Often these are process related and by seeing the process acted out it may point to easier processes or solutions to common challenges that we may not know even existed.

Looking forward to your feedback.



Hi Bettina - do you use LS for your faculty development sessions at CapU? How are they received? 


Hi Sylvia - I am glad you are considering Liberating Structures in an online context. I have used a LS Activity (1-2-4-all) in a web conference and it worked well. Lots of work behind the scenes and as always you have to be prepared and flexible in the moment but the activity was a success.


Hi everyone - looking forward to experiencing a micro course and learning more about liberating structures. I am an education technology coordinator at Okanagan College and our small team is undergoing some change. It happens.

When I first started at the college 8 years ago I facilitated quite a few workshops and face to face delivery was the norm for faculty development. We got fewer and fewer participants, however, and we morphed into "Just in Time" training - either one on one or through a thorough collection of screencasts. Mathematically it made sense. We reached many people this way and faculty were able to learn what they needed when they needed it.

Now it seems workshops are coming back - but beginning faculty cant afford more than 20 min. We are also mandated to deliver creatively so this is one of the reasons why I am interested in learning more about LS. Looking forward to learning with you.

How is faculty development done at your institution?