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How does this relate to completion criteria?

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Discussion is one of the most important elements of online learning because it intersects cognitive, teaching and social presence. It is important to note.


I love mind maps - that's how my ideas come out as well. I use Mind Mup - a google drive add in... Ross


Thank you Katherine - it was great to have you in the course! Great note about creative commons licences for images. Another trick I use is to use the "advanced search" function in Google (under settings now) and specify usage rights = free to use or share. I hope you have a great summer of online art classes. I think its time to bring out my sketch book! Ross


Happy Friday everyone! Thank you to everyone for being such an active group. We all learnt a lot together. 

Asif will be posting a closing message later on but I just want to share with you the recording link for Session 3:

Bye for now - Ross