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by Gina Bennett -

I'm really glad to see that this group has adopted SCoPE as a communication forum! I've been a participant on SCoPE for a long time & found it to be a great, low-threshold way to share ideas.

Hmm.... 3 skills or areas of expertise I'd like to share:

  • appreciative processes in curriculum development or course redesign
  • innovative approaches to evaluation
  • open pedagogy

... & 3 areas I'd love to know more about:

  • integration of mlearning techniques
  • alternative assessments
  • open pedagogy

Yes, I realize I have 'open pedagogy' in both categories! I know something about it, would be keen to share what I know, but would really like to know more.

Looking forward!


hi Colleagues,

I'm delighted to join this forum, & the interest I see in Open Textbooks is yet another sign that Openness is becoming mainstream in academia. I've been interested in the Open movement for some time now & am currently serving on BCcampus's Open Textbook subcommittee.

In my day-job I support curriculum, innovation & distance learning for College of the Rockies, a small, rural community college in Cranbrook BC. Encouraging faculty to consider & adopt open textbooks has been a challenge & I'm really interested to see how the adoption process can be encouraged through smaller steps.

Looking forward to learning with/from you all!


Well, fellow SCoPE denizens, it's been a week since we launched the asynchronous component to our 'Pimp your Post' live session, brought to you by BC's Educational Technology Users Group (ETUG). This async discussion has been fairly quiet & I'm assuming that's because the synchronous session was so invigorating that you are all completely absorbed in re-vamping your entire online introduction processes ;-)

As always, this SCoPE discussion will remain open for a long time, as an area to post your additional suggestions & comments as they occur to you. How to launch your online course or presentation on the best foot forward will continue to be an important topic & no doubt we'll see a bit more action when people are thinking about this again (probably in September for us Northern Hemisphere types).

Thanks for your participation! We'd love to see any & all of you at ETUG's Spring Workshop, taking place in fantastic Victoria, BC, on June 7 & 8. Keep an eye on http://etug.ca/ for news as it unfolds.
In our live-time "Pimp your post" session yesterday, several people mentioned that their particular learner audience was not technically sophisticated and that online introductions requiring video and/or audio would only scare them away. But with a good, simple text post, you can do a LOT to bring together a group of learners.

So the question for you in this thread is: what's the best conversation starter you've experienced, either as a teacher/facilitator or a learner? If you can describe the context a bit, that would help too.

I'll start the ball rolling with an example: One of the best 'introductory post' starters I experienced was pretty low-key & low-tech. The instructor asked us to think back to our university or college years & to recall the course that has had the most impact on our lives. What made it so memorable?

This is a pretty simple question... but it worked for our group. We were a class of mostly educators, all strangers at the start of the class. The topic was personal enough but not too personal; it was related to the course we were taking (curriculum design) but not too related. It certainly did a good job of launching the course as a whole.

SCoPE: Seminars -> Pimp Your Post: February 12 - 19, 2010 -> Welcome!

by Gina Bennett -
Hi everybody,

This is just a quick note to let you know that if you're coming here from the synchronous ETUG session "Pimp your Post", you're in the right place. Or if you're just interested in any aspect of doing good introductions for online courses & workshops, you're in the right place too. Please post a 'hi' when you arrive here... I'll be back after our synchronous session with a 'proper' introduction & to carry on the conversation.