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Greetings, wonderful FLO participants

My clock shows 5:30 pm & for us, that's the signal to chill the beer glasses & put the pizza in the oven. 

It's been a GREAT week for me, getting to know you all a bit better & looking at "community" from new angles. I've thought about my name; doodled my past, present & future in tree form; wrote a micro-novel based on 5 random images; & jotted down some ideas that could become part of a remote learner's checklist for staying in touch. For such a small group, we sure generated a lot of ideas!

I'm off to celebrate Friday but I'll be logging in over the weekend to re-read some posts & check for new ones. Thanks to my wonderful co-facilitators, Colleen & Sylvia, & thanks to all of you for making this week feel like a cozy, fun, & invigorating community.



Sylvia C just reminded me about the excellent questions appearing in the Open Forum.  Check out Colleen's latest post for some really insightful queries, & feel free to add questions (or answers?) of your own. 


How was your Hallowe'en, people? We had 43 visitors, the most yet since our move to Hope. We almost ran out of candy -- & of course that had nothing to do with our rigorous quality control practice of "checking the product" every so often.

It's Day 4 (already!) of our microcourse. If you're following the recommended Activity Plan, you'll be somewhere along in the process of wrapping up your community-building "creation" & sharing it with the class. Indeed, if you check the Sharing & Feedback forum, you'll see 4 unique drafts of activities designed to initiate, develop, or further a sense of community among a group of learners.

If you haven't posted a community-building creation, no worries -- there's still time to do that. If all you've got is a rough idea or a 2-sentence concept, post it anyway & let us ponder it with you!

If you've already posted a creation, now is the time to explore ...

  • read, respond, & (if time permits) try out a community-building activity or 2 from your classmates
  • dig a little deeper to reflect on one or 2 questions posed by classmates about your activity.


Welcome to Wednesday -- also known as 'hump day' by some who look forward to having the work-week almost half over. Today is also the suggested day to post your "creation" to the Sharing & Feedback forum. If you do have a draft of a community-building activity ready, we'd love to take a look at it (& try it out, if at all possible). The Sharing & Feedback forum has a short series of questions to guide your post. You'll note that a couple of community-building enthusiasts have already posted an activity but if you're not ready by the end of the day, no worries -- there are no hard & fast deadlines here & we understand if you're just too busy getting your Hallowe'en costume together :-D

dog in giraffe costume


Our MicroCourse has been underway for a day now & I've just been taking a few minutes to look around, see where we are, that kind of thing. This is a course about building community & I'm wondering how people experienced the "situating ourselves" activity using Moodle's glossary tool. I don't know about you but almost as soon as I had posted my "situation" I found myself checking back, looking to see who else had posted & reading the comments. I feel like I know everybody a little bit better & for me, that's an essential part of feeling "in community." But I'd be interested to hear what others think.

We had 8 people post an entry situating themselves & that accumulated more than 80 tags!!! We are a small but very diverse group, representing  5 provinces & 3 territories, 2 beverages, 3 animals, & an awful lot of interests. 

I'm wondering how people made out with the Activity Packet, & if you were able to complete some of the 10 steps suggested there. What's been your experience of community building in the past? Have you ever tried to create a sense of community in an online course before? In what ways do you hope community building activities will change your learning environment?

This is such a busy time & no doubt many of you are busy with midterms. If you get a minute, check out Tara's "midterm motivation" idea (posted in the Sharing & Feedback forum) for an interesting approach to strengthening community in the middle of the semester. 

Oh - before I forget - thanks to everybody who added resources to our Resource list. I don't know who added the idea about mindmap intros using Coggle but I'd love to learn more about that... can you share an example?