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Open for anything

This is our open forum. Anything goes here....Seek advice, share dilemmas, let SCoPE members know about upcoming conferences and opportunities...

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Water Cooler Introductions
Knowledges Exchange
Knowledges Exchange is a radical approach to teaching and learning that values our different ways of knowing and celebrates the exchange. This forum provides an opportunity for ongoing dialogue about this approach, and our engagement in knowledges exchange in SCoPE.

SCoPE: Past, Present, and Future Enhancing the SCoPE Community
Do you have ideas for discussion topics, suggestions for changing the layout of our community environment, or any kind of feedback that will make SCoPE a better place? This forum is an ongoing discussion about SCoPE.

We have also begun a tradition of scheduling SCoPE: Next Steps discussions in ...
SCoPE Next Steps: August 20 - September 2, 2007
SCoPE Next Steps
: Sylvia Currie  Sylvia Currie
Description: SCoPE is almost 2 years old! It's time for a reflection on past SCoPE activities and to generate some ideas for the future. Join in this 2-week seminar for a discussions about SCoPE.
  • What have you liked about SCoPE?
  • What would you ...
SCoPE: Next Steps: August 8 - September 2, 2005
SCoPE: Next Steps
Facilitator: Sylvia CurrieSylvia Currie
Description: This seminar will bring together members who wish to share their ideas about the next steps for SCoPE.