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One year later: What's next for elearning research in Canada?
It's been almost one year since our Shaping Our Future conference. What should we do now, if anything?
SOF2008 Announcements
This forum is for conference announcements. We will send you updates and reminders about upcoming presentations and activities.

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Gathering Place - Drop in to introduce yourself!

Introduce yourself, ask questions, let us know what you're thinking... We will also have forums set up for weekly discussions that are focused on the topics for that week.

Need help? Have questions or suggestions about this conference?
Your questions and feedback will help us to know how to make this conference a great experience for everyone.

The facilitators welcome private email as well. Whatever you do, don't hold back! :-)

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Topic 1 SOF2008: Week 1 Discussion
During week 1 of the Shaping our Future Symposium we invite you to relate your own experiences and expectations for e-learning research and the types of organization models you have experienced to support this research.

If your post is not related to an existing discussion thread, feel free to ...
Topic 2 SOF2008: Week 2 Discussion
This week 2 forum of the Shaping our Future conference will provide an opportunity to extend the dialogue begun during the synchronous presentations.

The purpose of this separate forum is to provide an easier way to focus on the week 2 activites. This doesn't mean we've closed down the week 1 ...
Topic 3 SOF2008: Week 3 - Creating our action plan
During the final week of the Shaping our Future Symposium we will craft an action plan for creating a pan-Canadian agenda using a Wiki. We will use this forum to facilitate that process.