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Open Forum

This forum is for general conversation throughout the course, particularly for questions and discussions that don't seem to fit anywhere else! Everyone should feel free to both ask and answer other participants' questions in this forum.

Please note that the subscription setting for this forum is ...


Learning forums

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Week 1: Preparing for Synchronous Sessions Video Introductions Forum

For this introduction activity, we ask you to contribute a short (less than 2 minutes) video introduction using the built-in tools within Moodle. 

Why video introductions? Since facilitating online often does have an element of video to it, we thought practicing your video skills in this way might...

Week 1 Discussion Forum

Choose at least one of the following discussion prompts and begin a post around it below. (Hint: click on 'Add a new discussion topic'.):

  • Think about any successful synchronous online sessions that you have been a part of. Tell us how the design of the session impacted you and one or two ...
Week 2: Facilitating Synchronous Sessions Week 2 Discussion Forum

After you've had a chance to review one or more of the "Sample Synchros" videos in this unit, please contribute a discussion post here to share your review based on the prompts that are on that activity page. Also, take the time to ask questions of and engage in discussion with your course ...

Week 3: Following Up After Synchronous Sessions Week 3 Discussion Forum

This week in this forum we will be discussing evaluating synchronous sessions as well as checking in on the Practicing Facilitators' sessions and hearing/giving feedback about how they went.

Activity 1: Contribute a short discussion post answering the following question prompt: Why is it ...