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This is a "one-way" news / notices forum that we'll use for notifications that everyone in the workshop will receive. We'll use them to give you a "heads-up" and then point you to the relevant forum where further discussion may take place.
We've tried to minimize "email overload" as only this ...
OPEN forum
An open forum for chatting or posting "big picture" questions. Your choice.
Weekly Reflections

We ask you to engage in reflective practice throughout this workshop, personally and with your peers.

We'll post a weekly "focus" question each Wednesday, early evening. Take some time to think about each question. Some people can capture it in a few sentences, some need more. Do what feels right ...

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Learning forums

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Topic 1 Introductions Forum

Use this forum to introduce yourself and get to know the other members of the class.

As you introduce yourself, you could describe:

  • where you work and what you do
  • why you chose to enroll in this workshop (briefly)
  • what experience you have in designing courses or shorter learning events

And, if you ...

Week 1 Studio Forum

Innovation Studio - Penn State

The weekly studio forums are intended as a "check-in" and a report of your progress each week.

For this first week of FLO Design, we ask that you:

  • Post a quick summary of your interview. Edit the subject field of your post so that it lists the name of your interviewee.

  • Clarify any misunderstandings ...
Topic 2 Week 2 Sparks Forum

During this week, we'll explore some instructional (learning) design stories that reflect the three instructional design approaches introduced in the Week 2 Overview book.

We'll present and explain some examples during our mid-week Blackboard Collaborate session (and post the recording here)

We ...

Week 2 Studio Forum


The weekly studio forums are a place where you can share your progress, your questions, your challenges with others.

For this second week of FLO-Design, we ask that you post a topic thread indicating:

  • your chosen instructional (learning) design approach (see the Week 2: Overview book),
  • any elements ...
Topic 3 Week 3 Studio Forum

The weekly studio forums are a place where you can share your progress, your questions, your challenges with others.

For this third week of FLO-Design, we ask that you post a topic thread indicating:

  • a visualization of your Design Project plan,
  • an updated plan description incorporating changes from ...
Topic 4 Week 4 Studio Forum

studio learningThis is the final Studio Forum for the FLO-Design Workshop.

We'll use this Forum to reflect on each participant's "showcase" presentation of their final Unit Plan and prototype learning activity.

If you're unable to attend (or present) during the synchronous sessions, we'll post recordings.

If ...

Week 4 Looking Back/Looking Forward

Final reflective activityLooking Back

For your final week's reflections, we're asking you to review your experiences throughout the workshop. As you flip through your learning journal or review your weekly Reflections forum postings - what still resonates?

Did you notice a pattern in the way you participated, what engaged ...