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This is where facilitators will broadcast course announcements.
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This forum is for asking for - and giving - help/clarification/guidance, initiating discussions, or just generally shooting the breeze!

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Sharing & Feedback Forum (Triads)
A troika triad with one person's back turned; all standingWe'll spend time in this forum participating in a triad activity. Steps 3 and 4 of the Activity Packet have all the instructions and timing.

Consultants, here are some prompts to help guide your advice:
    • Think about how the client's chosen structure matches up with the purpose for their ...
Alternative Sharing & Feedback Forum (Popcorn Style)
If you would prefer not to be part of a triad for Step 3 and 4 on Wed-Thurs and would like to just "dip in" randomly to try to get advice for your situation, feel free to enter and engage in this "Popcorn Style" forum!

Post your ideas about your group scenario that you are considering LS for. ...