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Topic 1 ALT-C 2013

This forum is for discussion of our workshop for the ALT-C Conference on Tuesday 10th September.

Topic 2 Footprints of Emergence

This discussion forum can be freely used for any topics relating to emergent learning in general or the drawing of footprints of emergence.

There has been animated discussion in the SCoPE Seminar series between November 18th and 29 the 2013. We encourage you to visit those discussions for some ...

Footprints of Emergence Scheduled Seminar Archive: Nov 18-29, 2013

Footprints of Emergence: Nov 18-29, 2013

Facilitators: Roy Williams Roy WilliamsJenny MacknessJenny Mackness and Simone GumtauSimone Gumtau

footprints of emergence

This seminar is an exploration and discussion of how learning does (or does not) take place in complex learning environments, such as open online courses, and how this interacts ...