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Topic 1 Discussing Open Space

This is a forum for SFU members (and others, of course) to discuss Open Space, or Open Space Technology, as Harrison Owen called it in the early days. It was conceived as an approach to gathering interested people together to address issues of importance to them.

The threads below will provide ...

Radical Teaching Open Space

On June 5th and 6th, 2007, more than 20 thinkers from Simon Fraser University gathered at the Surrey campus to explore the topic of Radical Teaching in an Open Space environment.

This forum is provided for those who wish to continue the conversation in an electronic space. It will also provide a...

Topic 2 Student Learning Communities @ SFU
How do we support student learning communities at SFU? Let's share examples and ideas. 
Topic 3 SCoPE: Using SmartTemplates
This is a forum for SmartTemplate users.  The Smart Templates were designed to encourage independant web site maintenance with minimal invovlement by PAMR and LIDC.

This forum is unmoderated, and is provided for different users to help each other. As you gain experience with the Smart Templates,...
Topic 4 Let's Talk About Teaching and Learning

Faculty, administrators and staff are invited to engage in a discussion of teaching and learning at SFU...and beyond. Questions about best practices, dialogue about teaching methodology, and suggestions for incorporating technology into teaching can be addressed in this forum. Resource people ...

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

For two weeks, Feb 17 to March 5, a Scheduled Discussion in ScoPE considered the question of whether an online community can play a role in developing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  This is a new field of scholarship, whether an online community can support it is an unanswered ...

Topic 5 Discussion of Learning Management Systems

The choice of Learning Management Systems to support teaching and learning is a topic which is of great interest to administrators, faculty, staff and students at SFU. This is a forum in which ideas can be exchanged, and information generated. Committees have been set up the make decisions, and...

This is a forum where SFU faculty, instructors and staff using WebCT can request help and post information. Need advice from other instructors? Concerned about a teaching learning issue? Just discovered an innovative way to use a WebCT tool? Your concerns, ideas and questions are all welcome.
Topic 6 ESI Staff Discussion (Private Forum)

ESI staff rely on close contact with each other, in order to complete projects efficiently. They are deeply concerned with issues of teaching and learning and educational technology. Staff are housed and more than one campus, and this forum provides a location for them to discuss issues.

This is...