eLearning in Developing Countries: October 2-22, 2007

Mobile Learning in Developing Countries

Mobile Learning in Developing Countries

by Lawrence Wasserman PhD -
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Mobile technology is booming as noted 

The Economist article in 2005 said it best … <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

… the more sensible goal is to determine how best to use technology to promote bottom-up (health) learning. And the answer to that question turns out to be remarkably clear<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />: by promoting the spread not of PCs and the internet, but of mobile phones.


Mobile phone devices 2.7 billion Worldwide mobile phone users where private and public enterprises live in a wireless environment of cell phones/PDAs, all essential tools for managing and training 


I am assisting company that has software that serves as provider of mobile solutions developed an authoring, publishing, delivery and tracking system. Anticipate the need for integrating mobile content in the form of learning, testing and management guides, and job aids to support growing field workforce with mobile accessibility.


Software includes 

Mobile Learning Platform System composed of two main domains. The Learning Mobile Author (LMA) an authoring tool where content is rapidly created, produced and published to Palm, Pocket PC, HTML and mobile hand phones as "modules" that can include; Text, Checklists, Content, Quizzes, Tests, Images, Audio, SVG, Flash, Video and Poll/Survey and Podcasting.


The second is Mobile Delivery and Tracking System (MDTS) enables Users (ID/Password) to access mobile learning content “modules” published by the Learning Mobile Author.



Educators, trainers, and training organizations, public and private sectors can track results by mobile initiatives faster and cost effective than imagined with on-demand performance support.


I would like to know where mobile application tools can be applied in developing countries.


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Re: Mobile Learning in Developing Countries

by Dr. Nellie Deutsch -
You may wish to contact Ken Banks' for further information or join the  Social Mobile Group
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Re: Mobile Learning in Developing Countries

by Emma Duke-Williams -
It would probably also be worth having a look at the link that Nalin posted, to http://www.internetworldstats.com - which has statistics about the usage of Mobile technology round the world - including the Majority world.
As you'll see, the take up levels in some countries is pretty low.

I think that Mobile applications may well be the way to go, but I suspect that at present, the infrastructure doesn't really exist outside the larger cities - and the range of hardware available is pretty mixed - which means, of course, you have to have several variants of the software prepared.

I can see that as more and more users start to have multimedia based phones, then they can start to be used, but the cost of owning & using them for more than just the basics is likely to be an issue, I think.
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Re: Mobile Learning in Developing Countries

by Maggie Verster -

Hi All,

I am quite excited about the use of mobile technology for teaching and learning in South Africa. All my rural teachers have cellphones (most of them are wap capable) and I am now busy setting them up with Mxit, which means that we can communicate quickly and very cheaply. They love it and I feel if though I am getting somewhere. For once they are not excluded when it comes to sharing (at the very least news and events)

We also have Dr Maths on Mxit which is a homework tutor system run by a wonderful lady Laurie and a few students. The kids seem to have really taken to this as well. See my blog: Cellphones in Education

Another innitiative is Mobi, a low subscription homework system for learners.The uptake seems to be quite significant as well. See Mobi - world first for mobile maths education


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Re: Mobile Learning in Developing Countries

by Dr. Nellie Deutsch -
Thank you for sharing.

Mark your calendars for Saturday November 3rd, 2007 at Knowplace for a live presentation by Ken Banks on mobile phones. The presentation will be at 12 noon Pacific time. You will get a chance to ask questions and add your comments. More details will be available on Facebook.
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Re: Mobile Learning in Developing Countries

by Dr. Nellie Deutsch -
Here is a presentation by Ken Banks on mobile phones.

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Re: Mobile Learning in Developing Countries

by Nalin Abeysekera -

Dear Lawrence , thank you to bring out my one of the favorite topic on board. We did few seminars to schools principals and teachers on e-learning and I discussed about m-learning with them. In most schools in Sri Lanka students are not allow to bring mobiles to their school. There is an attitude among teachers that mobile always harmful because of their perception. (They thought students always see pornographic pictures etc)…so we have to change that first…and most teachers thinking that they need phones like PDAs in the context of mobile learning. But we tried to convince that even by using basic Nokia 1200 and give a explanation to students about social studies also comes under m-learning….<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


So I think cultural background as well as awareness level is important in M-Learning. Since this is good area because, it is now in growth stage  in product life cycle in sri lanka (mobile penetration is growing!!!).