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by Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers -
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Dear Bronwyn and others,

I resonated with your comments. I did not have Elluminate or ways of saving and converting auditory interviews to text so easily in my phenomenological studies. Initially I used what was available -- but it was very expensive and very time consuming to get translations to text. I see technology adding so many advantages with clearer video's and voice, distant group or one on one interviews and it is very exciting.

I love the idea of having Janet's book to help guide me and other students that I might advise in the future. I will add Janet's book reference in terms of the ethical issues. I'm particulary struck by the idea that committee members at this point need rigorous details of how data is going to be managed by the student and how the ethical aspects of usage of the material will be followed.

Although I am not doing research on Second Life, I read in Janet's book how the complexity of honoring the avatars (even the fixtures can be avatars) -- and the necessity to go to a far off area and put up privacy. It is all quite new to our research virtual sensibilities.

Jo Ann